Rey Negro (Black King)

The indigent king.

Rey negro (Black King) is based on a true story that took place in 1995: the exile of King Kigali V of Rwanda to avoid his assassination, and his following bitter adventures in Western society.

Kigali, dethroned and thrown into poverty, does not stop behaving with the dignity that corresponds to a king. Together with him is Boniface, his faithful secretary that keeps being at his service. This contradiction between the majestic past and the wretched present offers a permanent game of ironies, puns and subtle humor.

Kigali, guided by a solid Christian morality, does not hate those who hate him, nor has any resentment. There’s no weakness in his spirit. His violent ending reminds of the death of Jesus Christ after Judas’ betrayal (Boniface).

RELEVANT INFORMATION: Ignacio del Moral is a prolific playwright and screenwriter for film and TV, Rey Negro (Black King) premiered the play at the Centro Dramático Nacional with great success.

Del Moral has collaborated in some of the most prestigious and awarded audiovisual projects of the Spanish cinematographic industry, such as Los lunes al sol, Farmacia de guardia (Spanish prime-time TV series), Cuéntame cómo pasó (Spanish prime-time TV Series) and Tad, The Lost Explorer. He won a Goya Award and was nominated three times more. Moreover, he has won the Premio del Círculo de Escritores twice.

AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.



TOPICS: Monarchy, Exile, Wealth, Massacre, Africa, Flight, Europe, Adventure, Poverty, Misery, Survival, Faith, Morality, Loyalty, Servitude, Fidelity, Friendship, Social Class, Treason, Violence, True Story.

GENRE: Drama.

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