Based on the true story of a boy who runs away from home and is adopted by a pack of stray dogs.

Based on a true story, Rey is about a boy who was raised by stray dogs.

Rey has many problems at home. He must face the hostile environment in which he lives, marked by his mother’s instability and alcoholism. On good days, his mother takes care of him, but on bad days, she yells at him and insults him.

Everything gets worse when Rey’s mother starts dating Ulric, a violent policeman who abuses her. Unable to bear the situation, Rey decides to run away from home. Alone and adrift, he is forced to live on the street and finds shelter under some pipes near the train tracks. That is when Rey is adopted by a stray dog who takes care of him. Soon, Rey becomes a member of the pack of dogs, straying further and further away from society, and forgetting how to interact with humans. Being with the pack will give Rey back the joy of life.

Rey ends up meeting a girl, through whom he is found by the police. Because of this, Rey will have to return to society and learn to exist again in the world of humans.


RELEVANT DATA: Rey is the winner of the Edebé Award for Children’s Literature 2022. Its author, Mónica Rodríguez, has published more than 60 works and has received multiple awards, including the most prestigious awards in children’s and young adult literature, such as the Gran Angular Award, the Anaya Award, the Ala Delta Award, the Alandar Award and the Cervantes Chico Award for her career as a writer of children’s and young adult literature.

The children’s novel Rey explores themes of abandonment and compassion, reminiscent of The Jungle Book or Tarzan. Based on true events, it is inspired by the life of Ivan Misukov, who escaped from his alcoholic family and was raised by a pack of dogs.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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