Roads to Freedom (Caminos de libertad)

Un verano en el Pirineo, un amor no correspondido y un misterio sin resolver.

Alexia, a 17-year-old girl, is about to go camping with the Scouts. Her favorite counselor, David, who she has a crush on, has asked her to help him at the camp, since the other counselor canceled at the last minute.

Before leaving on her trip, Alexia decides to visit her grandmother Berta to say goodbye and ask for advice. When she tells her grandmother that she will be camping in Alós de Isil, a village in the Pyrenees, her grandmother is terror-stricken. It is then that Alexia discovers that her great-grandfather Miguel had not died in the Civil War as she had always been told… he was a runaway fugitive.

For years, Berta received thank you letters and gifts from people unknown to her: from people that her father, it seems, had helped to escape from Spain precisely through Alós de Isil, through “The Paths to Freedom”. Alexia promises her grandmother that she will gather as much information as possible about her great-grandfather Miguel.

However, when she arrives at the camp, it will be difficult for her to concentrate on her research, as she is too distracted working with David, who ignores her. In addition, Killian, a boy who is in love with Alexia, joins the camp at the last minute. Berta finds herself in a love triangle, all while trying to solve the mystery of her Republican and Masonic great-grandfather.


RELEVANT DATA: Paths to Freedom (Caminos de libertad) is an original and fresh novel, with a touch of mystery and romance in a special location such as the Pyrenees.

Maite Carranza is one of the most important authors in the Spanish-speaking literary scene for young readers. She has published more than 50 books and has won the Edebé Award, the El Templo de las Mil Puertas Award, the Crítica Serra d’Or Award, the National Young Adult Award, the Banco de Libros de Caracas Award and the FADA Award.

She has been awarded twice with the Joaquim Ruyra Award for young adult fiction. She has also received the Cervantes Chico Award for her career, the Protagonista Joven Award for best Young Adult novel, the Vaixell de Vapor Award and the White Raven Award, granted by the Jugend Library of Munich on two occasions, among others.

In the field of screenwriting, she received the National Television Award for the series Isabel on the Spanish channel TVE, as well as the Golden Antenna, the Iris Award and the Ondas Award for best fiction for the same series. Previously, she received the GAC Award for telefilm screenplay, the National Arts Award, the TP Award and the Ondas International Award, among others.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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