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Fiver today, Fiver always.

BG.5 is an acclaimed musical band composed of five twenty year olds: Harry, Doug, Ethan, Dexter and Andrew who are friends and have become a family that supports each other at all times. The family is completed by Maximiliano, the band’s manager.

They are the protagonists of magazine covers, sold-out world tours, awards, and a few scandals, they are characterized by being charming and sincere with their loyal Fivers, the name their fans receive.

Harry Jefferson is the drummer, a handsome blue-eyed boy, the most sensible and romantic. The day Harry has to go to the hospital after hurting his finger, he meets Kaethennis, a young pregnant woman who is going through labor alone. He decides to stay with her and the baby is named Harry Daniel in his honor. Harry loses track of her for two years, until they meet again at a fan meeting. Kaethennis works for a well-known publishing house and manages to write the official biography of BG.5. Love soon blossoms, but not without obstacles.

Doug McQueen, nicknamed “The Blonde”, is the keyboardist and the youngest member of the group. He is funny, gossipy, charming, and very emotional. Doug falls in love with Hilary Jefferson, Harry and Dexter’s younger sister; they have a relationship until intimate photos of the two are leaked to the press. This causes chaos in the group and the group’s bond is put to the test.

Ethan Jones is the lead vocalist and second guitarist. He is mysterious, loyal and reserved. He is afraid of relationships, as he had a difficult childhood, so he is reluctant to open up to new people. When he meets Grace, a women who is passionate about his music who believes in love, he avoids her completely. Ethan is used to jumping from partner to partner, now he must learn to let himself go in this new relationship.

Dexter Jefferson is Harry’s bass player and adopted brother. He’s ginger, foul-mouthed, conquering, big-hearted and constantly in trouble. His life takes a turn when he decides to adopt a little girl from the street, moved by the similarity of their lives. During the adoption process he meets Elanese, a social worker who is assigned to his case and with whom he begins to develop a mutual attraction. But false information that seeks to harm him and the appearance of the girl’s biological uncle hinder Dexter’s plans.

Andrew Wood is the lead guitarist and second vocalist of BG.5. He is the most popular among his fans and the composer of most of the band’s songs. Andrew is trying to get his life back on track after the murder of his sister and with the culprit still unaccounted for. In that state he meets Dexter’s girlfriend’s sister, Leslie, who is the mother of a fan who died and her last wish was to meet the band. Years have passed since the boy’s death and Leslie is ready to be a mother again, so she seeks a sperm donor; Andrew volunteers on the condition that it not be by insemination. He has two months to win her over and succeeds. Along the way they run into a toxic ex, Andrew’s sister’s muerderer.

Maximiliano Greene, called “Daddy Max” is a young man who seems to be perpetually stressed, with no time for personal relationships and always focused on the band, his family. After years of casual relationships he is falling in love with Meredith, the most famous model of the moment, a Puerto Rican who shows him the other side of love.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: Bg.5 is a phenomenon with millions of reads in online reading platforms. The story, rich in detail and emotion, has resonated with a global audience, racking up huge physical book sales, making it the author’s most famous saga.

Darlis Stefany has been a social media sensation since she started publishing fanfiction, and has hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram.


What the critics said:

“Darlis Stefany is Venezuelan and at 24 years old has become one of the most widely read writers today.” La República

“The themes the author touches on are undoubtedly phenomenal. Many people when they think of a young romance novel think that it will be the same old cliché and it is quite the opposite (at least in this case). Darlis gives us a love story that certainly feels real; every word, every scene, every problem…everything transports you to a world that as much as it may not be real, it feels real!” Literary Character


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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