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A brilliant and unusual inspector who does not back down from anything.

Carmen Puerto, a middle-aged, misanthropic police inspector with a devilish character, lives confined to her house in Seville by personal choice. She rents the lower part of her house to Jesús Fernández, a hairdresser who is in charge of bringing her groceries. She carries out all her responsibilities as an investigator via a computer and mobile phone. Despite having made a serious mistake in the past, her superior always counts on her for complex cases, since only she is capable of interpreting and analyzing the most serious crimes.

On the same day, frozen human remains, a foot, a hand, and a heart appear in three different cities: Barcelona, Madrid and Seville.

Carmen Puerto is entrusted to lead the investigation. She will have the help of Jaime Cuesta and Julia Nuñez who will serve as her eyes and ears. The three will do their best to track down the serial killer who is just looking for attention. However, dealing with Carmen isn’t easy.

In the second installment of the saga, the action begins with the disappearance of Sandra and Ana, two young girls aged 17 and 18, who went missing in Ayamonte, Huelva. The two friends were last seen at the beach bar ‘La Hamaca’, where they were enjoying a summer evening.

Sandra is the daughter of a public figure who is involved in a corruption plot, which makes the case have overwhelming media coverage. Ana is a young woman with a strong temper who has a stormy relationship with her parents. Both teenagers are of Russian origin and were adopted at birth.

In this case, Jaime is chosen as the head of the investigation, but he lacks Carmen’s imagination to solve the ins and outs of this mystery. Carmen will be key due to her vast number of contacts on the Dark Web. The two investigators will count on civil guard Miguel Castro’s help. He will interrogate the townspeople, their friends, former partners, and family in order to gather all the information possible. This will bring to light a whole web of secrets from the past that were hidden.


REVELANT DATA:  The Language of The Tides (El lenguaje de las mareas), is inspired by real cases of great media impact and deals with current issues such as the Dark Web and the consequences of the excessive use of social networks.

Carmen, in addition to solving the cases, must deal with her own traumas and the past that led her to confine herself. A protagonist with many layers to unveil in endless seasons. The wide range of secondary characters, their psychological characteristics, and their relationship with Carmen, create a world that goes beyond the cases, helping with the continuity of the project.

The author, Salvador Gutiérrez Solís, carried out a remarkable documentative work to develop the plot of the stories, thus incorporating large doses of true crime into the novel, such as the case of Diana Quer, Laura Luelmo, or La Manada to create a fictitious situation.

Salvador Gutiérrez Solís is a prolific author who has published more than twenty titles translated into various languages. Carmen Puerto is his most recognized character. He currently writes for various newspapers and magazines. He has tens of thousands of followers on Twitter.

He has received numerous awards: University of Seville Novel Award, Aid for Literary Creation (Ministry of Culture), Josep Pascual Tirado Narrative Award, Juan Valera Novel Award, Government of La Rioja Narrative Award, Leonor of Córdoba Narrative Award, Córdoba Provincial Council Novel Award, Santa Cruz de Tenerife Short Story Biennial Award and the Andalucía Award for Narrative Critics. He has also been a finalist for numerous awards: Ateneo of Young Sevilla Novels, the City of Salamanca Novels, Ateneo of Valladolid Novels, Critics of Andalucía, National Critics Award, and the Fernando Lara Novels.


What the critics say:

“Among the Cordovan narrators in recent years Salvador Gutiérrez Solís has shone, who has started a literary saga around the policewoman Carmen Puerto.” ABC Newspaper

“A criminal intrigue about the sexual fantasies we all harbor.” Seville Journal

“Entertaining story that makes you want to read more. The author offers you many clues so that you put together the outcome.” Goodreads

“I really enjoyed the plot from the beginning as the author takes us into the story very quickly and keeps a very agile pace throughout all its pages.” Goodreads


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, TV Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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