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How (not) to fall in love | Three is (not) a crowd

Love doesn’t understand traditions

Nora is an outgoing, dramatic, unpredictable, self-centered, yet also very fun young woman. Adrian is a funny, sexy, rational and witty young man.

They have known each other since they were little, both having gone to the same school growing up. As kids they became great friends and during their teenage years they went on countless embarrassing and cringe-worthy dates they laugh at today. Interesting fact: Nora lost her virginity to Adrian.

In the years that Nora has been attending university, she hasn’t seen or spoken to Adrian. However, everything changes the day that she decides to return home early from class and finds her mother in bed with her neighbor, who happens to be Adrian’s mother.

Nora and her mother have always been bad at communicating, which is why she had no idea her mother was in a relationship with Adrian’s for two years. In addition to this, Nora’s mother decides to take advantage of the situation to announce that they will be moving in with Adrian and her mother.

This is the last thing Nora needed. She is already going through a difficult time in her life: the boy she has been in love with since high school, Marcos, ignores her, and her two guy best friends – who had been dating for a while – have broken up. Moving in with the guy who she lost her virginity to, and who she is not friends or friendly with, is completely messing with her head and emotions.

Nora and Adrian are forced to live together. However, the situation will slowly start to heat up between them and, eventually, the chemistry they share will become irresistible.

In Three Is (Not) a Crowd  Natán has three things he needs to tell his ex, Alina: one is good, one is so and so, and one is bad. The first is that soon enough they’ll be spending four days on vacation together with their friend group in Avilés. The second is that he has recently slept with her older sister, Lía. And the third one, which makes everything complicated, is that he’s also hooked up with Lia’s roommate and friend with benefits, Rodrigo.

Three Is (Not) a Crowd unfolds in three different timelines, and the story is told through the voices of its three main characters, Lía, Natán, and Rodrigo. Lía will acknowledge her mistakes and face her insecurities. Natán will fix the mess he created and learn to go after what he wants in life. Rodrigo will deconstruct his world to adapt to his new reality.

In the present, when they’re gathered in a rural house, the three must face the consequences of their past and find a solution to their feelings and the constant sexual tension that exists between them that cannot be ignored. Finally, in a brief glimpse into the future, we explore what happens when we accept that sometimes, three is not a crowd.

The bizarre situations, sexual tension, humor, and unexpected love take center stage in this story, where romance escapes the boundaries of conventionality.


RELEVANT DATA: How (Not) To Fall In Love (Como (no) enamorarse) is a light-hearted, fresh and modern romantic comedy that has all the ingredients to become a commercially successful audiovisual project in the new adult genre. In addition to having a very original premise, it also has perfectly established characters with which a wide range of audiences can identify themselves.

The novel has hundreds of positive reviews on platforms, such as Goodreads or Amazon, that praise the author’s comedic vision and her ability to develop the most hilarious plots.

Three is (Not) a Crowd is the irreverent and humorous spin-off of How (Not) to Fall in Love, the romantic comedy that managed to capture the hearts of readers and critics alike. This second installment delves into the love affairs and personal lives of some of the secondary characters from the original work, the friends of the protagonists.

Myriam M. Lejardi is one of the most promising new voices in the Spanish literary genre of romantic comedy, and is also the author of several novels that have been very well received. Recently the author has announced that she will write a spin-off to How (Not) To Fall In Love (Como (no) enamorarse).


What the critics say:

“An addictive, provocative and innovative story with endearing characters, full of good-natured gossip and ridiculous scenes that make you laugh. It has enchanted me.” Goodreads

“It is the perfect rom-com to enjoy a good weekend, with some good wines.” Mikey F, booktuber

How (Not) To Fall In Love (Como (no) enamorarse) is a book that has made me laugh out loud on many occasions. Every time I opened the book, I would go through entire chapters at once.” Goodreads

How (Not) To Fall In Love (Como (no) enamorarse) is one of those stories that you read with a smile on your lips, that you want to return to constantly, that you don’t want to finish.” Without interleaved ax, literary blog

“You will become so attached to the characters that it will be like spending an evening with friends.” The temple of a thousand doors, literary blog


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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