My Obsession Saga (Saga Mi obsesión) (TV Series)

My Obsession | My Perversion | My Temptation

She has the power to either destroy him or save him.

Edgar Warren. His name inspires seriousness, arrogance, and intimidation. A selfish, cold, and tyrannical man, he has anyone in his power when and how he wants. He runs a world-renowned transatlantic company. He believes he is invincible. But his world, everything he thought he controlled, is about to be shaken.

His company is going down the drain and the only person who can save him is a woman named Enma Wilson, the one he always kept to the side, and who unknowingly has an inheritance from her father who abandoned her when she was just a baby. The lies surrounding this multi-million-dollar inheritance will cause Edgar Warren to become involved in a series of events that will derail his life, as his game has brought about unwelcome feelings.

It is here that he begins his struggle to eliminate the richest woman in the country or to help her save herself from her persecutors. Enma, on the other hand, will do whatever it takes to get the inheritance to pay off the threats of an older tyrant, who intends to take her children away from her. Enma will have to overcome great dangers and obstacles to finally understand that loving oneself is the main thing to forgive the mistakes of the past and move forward in life. Deceit, envy, lust for power, passion, and a constant push and pull.


RELEVANT DATA: The saga My Obsession has more than 80,000 fans. Its author is known for her romantic novels full of action and eroticism. She is the winner of the CoraSon Award, organized by the JAR of Malaga and has won the Best Male Protagonist Award at both the Petit Sant Jordi Festival in Barcelona and the Big Bang Novel Festival in Cadiz. She also won the CO,MA Award for Best Romantic Novel.


What the critics have said:

“In addition to the love story, we find a subplot of mystery and intrigue that keeps you hooked and has some incredible twists and turns.” Amazon


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: In development for a TV Series.