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Are you willing to do ANYTHING for Olympus?

Mars, 2628. The Olympus society is the great corporation that spans the galaxy. It is divided into thirteen services, based on the thirteen functions of the ancient gods of Olympus. Each Service has a specialty. The most promising young people of this society will have to go through the Akademeia, the elite school where they are prepared for three years to participate in “The Odyssey”, the great test that decides who are the best of the entire institution and will filter to identify the best candidates to lead the Services.

This new class includes Asha, heiress of Hades’ service, and Ianthe, heiress of Demeter’s service. They have known each other since childhood, but never got along well. They are assigned as roommates in the same group: Cronos. In this group we will find Minna, Ianthe’s friend and Asha’s worst enemy; Aden, Asha’s best friend; Oscar; Armand and Beren. All of them will be part of Cronos’ group, the best in the whole Akademeia. Despite the tensions that circulate in the group, both love and hatred, the members know that they will have to put aside their animosity and learn to work as a team, because there is a lot at stake. They will have three years of grueling confinement and trials.

Finally, “The Odyssey” begins. Cronos wins the first trial, but it has cost the team a life, the death of Urien. During the following trials, secrets of the characters and many truths emerge that make the boys begin to realize the corruption of Olympus society and how they have destroyed other planets. Asha, Aden, Oscar, Eunys and Beren no longer agree with Olympus society and run away, becoming the resistance group.

5 years later. Ianthe, though unable to escape with her friends, wants to make Olympus better from within. He leaves the Akademeia and asks Demeter for a ship of his own to research and preserve other planets.

They meet Asha’s ship and assist her in fulfilling a mission. Afterwards, both groups decide to go their separate ways. Ianthe decides to remain within the institution, trying to stop the destruction of other planets when possible and leaking her own information to the resistance. This will force her to return to Mars, but it will also give her time in space that she knows she can take advantage of with Asha.

Mars, 2634. Six years have passed since “the rebels” decided to escape from Mars and the clutches of Olympus. Armand is the only one willing to return with a single mission in mind: to be as useful as possible to the rebels, spying and collecting crucial information for the revolution against the current corrupt society. In order to carry out this operation, Armand infiltrates the Zeus headquarters. There he will be able to obtain the information necessary to bring down Olympus, and he is willing to manipulate and deceive anyone to achieve it.

Enid Dusan, from the Zeus service, wants to have all the power. But to do so, he needs everyone to forget that there are rebels still planning to attack the integrity of Olympus.

When they cross paths, Armand will see in Enid, who is sure to be the next leader of Olympus, the opportunity he has been waiting for. But Enid is as devious as he is. Enid knows how to manipulate her equals, her superiors, her inferiors… Enid is like the sun: she attracts everything, and if you get too close you get burned. But Enid also needs a coup to secure her position as the next Zeus. That’s when she crosses paths with Armand, willing to burn with her light and put his talent at the service of Olympus. Both will see in the other something to take advantage of and will associate for purely self-interested purposes. But friction breeds affection, and what was supposed to be a cold and calculating battle turns out to be more complex, as feelings flourish.

Mars, 2635. A year has passed and a new attack by a group of rebels led by Asha Amartya threatens to destabilize Olympus. Desperate, the leader decides to create an application that offers a great reward to all those who manage to identify the dangerous infiltrators.

Tess decides that this is her ultimate chance to lift her friends out of poverty with the help of the huge bounty. Talia also gets to work as capturing Asha may give her answers about what happened to her brother years ago.


RELEVANT DATA: With 400,000 copies sold, The Flower and the Death (La flor y la muerte), the first installment of this trilogy, is a best-seller that has caused a rage in the networks and has been featured in blogs and international literary accounts alike. It has also been a national trending topic on Twitter on several occasions. The community generated by the audience of this work has fostered a multitude of fanarts, fanfics, animations, artistic photographs and even merchandising. Reading clubs and communities have also been created in different media thanks to the novel, and there are even gaming channels that take the fictional world of Olympus as a starting point, fostering a feeling of identification similar to that of the world of Harry Potter, thus becoming a valuable IP for young audiences, with a 360 potential.

It has many current issues in mind, one of the most important being LGBTQI+ and social media representation.

Iria G. Parente and Selene M. Pascual are two of the most popular and beloved authors by young audiences. They have been awarded the El Templo de las Mil Puertas Award for best national novel belonging to a saga.

The Sun and the Lie (El sol y la mentira) is the second installment of the series. This second part deals with hot topics such as extremist politics, mediatization, social networks, and manipulation through the media. It is currently distributed in Spain and all Latin American countries.

The Fury and the Labrynth (La furia y el laberinto) is the third installment of the series and is a retelling of the myth of Ariadne and Theseus.


What the critics have said:

“Iria G. Parente and Selene M. Pascual are considered a benchmark of the genre.” La Vanguardia

“They [the authors] believe in a teen literature that treats its readers without condescension.” La voz de Galicia

“I have no words to explain how much I love this story. Iria and Selene have created an incredible universe, full of details and mysteries. This first part of the new saga is fun, dramatic, has adventure and romance, and amazing characters.” Goodreads


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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