Saga Samantha F.

The case of the unchatchable thief | The case of the missing jewels

The wildest cases now rely on a zany ghost and a perfectionist secret agent.

Samanta F. is a young ghost who, tired of her monotonous life in the city of ghosts, decides to travel to the human world. There, she meets Enero Segactot, a solitary and serious secret agent who is the last person in need of Samanta’s company.

However, the young ghost refuses to leave his side, determined to learn from him in order to become the best secret agent in the world and lend him a hand in his cases: a millionaire trying to steal artwork, a slippery thief stealing jewels in a hotel…

Though initially reluctant, Enero might actually benefit from the help and even find himself enjoying working with Samanta.


RELEVANT DATA: Samanta F. is a delightful saga of self-conclusive stories following the same pair of investigators through various wildly entertaining mysteries.

Amèlia Mora’s sharp sense of humor, combined with the originality of the plots, makes the Samanta F. series an ideal content for a procedural comedy with self-contained episodes.

Amèlia Mora, besides being a literary author, is also a scriptwriter and co-wrote the screenplay for the movie Copito de nieve.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.

AVAILABLE LANGUAGES: Spanish and Catalan.

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