Point of No Return Saga (Saga Sin retorno)

Point of No Return | Winter Debt | I´ll See You Tonight

One policeman: inspector David Vázquez. One murderess: Irene Ochoa. One race to stop the killer, hide the truth and survive. An honest policeman who´s in love with a killer.

Irene Ochoa has long felt trapped in a dead end alley, an alley whose walls seem to cave in on her as the abuse by her husband Marcos becomes habitual. Her only weapon is her survival instinct and it is very clear to her that it is either Marco´s life or her own. The perfect opportunity presents itself on a Wednesday when Marcos come home more drunk than usual and falls asleep. A couple of hours later, firefighters and policemen investigate the cause of a fire that took its only victim: Marcos. Everything has gone as planned, but there is one thing that Irene has no control over. That same night she got rid of her abuser and she is able to taste her freedom at last, she meets a man that could take it right from under her again. This man is Inspector Vázquez, the policeman in charge of her murdered husbands case. Their relationship signifies passion, longing and danger. Whilst Pamplona still is still in a state of shock over the accident, inspector Vázquez is in the midst of quite possibly his most lurid case of his entire career: several voyagers that had been on the Camino de Santiago were found dead in Roncesvalles, just a few kilometers away, which leads the investigators to believe that this was the work of a serial killer.

Over time, Jorge Viamonte, the president of the Franco-Spanish bank, is murdered in Berriozar, a town just outside the city of Pamplona. He was meant to meet with his brother Lucas, a drunk hobo who only reached out to him when he needed money. But Lucas never showed up and Jorge finds himself seemingly alone in a dangerous neighborhood and only the faint whistle of a deadly bullet tells Viamonte otherwise. Inspector David Vázquez takes charge of an investigation whose roots seem to be embedded deep within the foundations on which the corrupt Spanish society rests. Meanwhile, his beloved Irene Ochoa stuggles to erase the traces of her past that still haunts her.

Raquel Gimeno travels by car with her family. Her two sons and mother rest behind her and her husband is driving alongside of her. She is exhausted from the moving preparations and so she closes her eyes and falls into a deep slumber. When she opens her eyes, she finds herself in a filed inside the vehicle, but this time she is alone. Her family has disappeared.

The mysterious case is assigned to Inspector Vázquez, but his mind seems to be somewhere else. His finacee, Irene Ochoa, has also dissappeared and is being accused for the murder. He is reluctant to believe but where is she? Why has she fled so all of a sudden? What is the love of his life hiding?

Surrounded by all of these uncertainties and pressured by a case that was woven from the darkest threads, inspector Vázquez will face the greatest challenge of his career.


RELEVANT DATA:  Susana Rodríguez Lezaum is currently one of the most important crime novelists. Her journalism career has won her the Ciudad Barañain Journalism Award. 

Since 2018, she has been the director of the Pamplona Negra Festival, one of the most important events at a national level for the noir literary genre and which receives more than 5000 guests a year.


What the critics have said:

«The purest from of crime novels, Vázquez Montalbán style.» RNE

«Marvilously written, A bullet with my name on it (Una bala con mi nombre) is a thriller with touches of pure crime novel aspects.»  Rosa Berros, MoonMagazine.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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