Saga The creator of games (Saga El inventor de juegos)

When life and games become intermixed.

Iván Dragó, a seven-year-old boy, participates in a contest to create the best game of the world. Iván creates a game consisting on a blank paper and a pencil: each player must write down the things he or she wishes for the future, but he or she must be completely honest. Iván is selected, out of ten thousand boys, and, from that moment on, his life changes completely: his parents disappear mysteriously when in a hot-air balloon trip, and he has to go to move in with his aunt, and afterwards, with his grandfather, the famous inventor of games Nicolás Dragó. They live in Zyl, the cradle of games.

There he finds out that Morodian, the director of the Company of the Deep Games, wants to destroy Zyl. Iván will also work on the creation of another game for another contest; he will call it “The haunted house”, but someone will try to boycott him the day just before the contest, leaving him with no time to rebuild it. Iván manages to handle the situation.

During another adventure, Iván will get into trouble when he is invited to the World Contest of Labyrinths. Although his grandfather tries to stop him, Ivan knows that participating in this contest is the only way to save Zyl. Madame Aracné, the famous and somewhat macabre inventor of labyrinths, has planned the perfect labyrinth for him: with invisible walls.

Iván finds a video in which he recognizes his mother, who had disappeared a while ago. To be able to discover what happened with his parents, Iván has to deal with dangerous toys and pass very demanding obstacles.

A new world of mysteries and adventures will open up for him, as he realizes his life is part of a game and when life and games mix, anything can happen.


RELEVANT INFO: Pablo de Santis is an Argentinian journalist, writer and scriptwriter. He has sold hundreds of thousands of copies of his novels and he has been awarded with many of the most prestigious awards, such as Premio Planeta Casa de América, the Premio de la Academia Argentina de Letras, the Premio Nacional de Cultura, the Premio Konex, the Premio Nacional de Literatura Infantil and the Premio Destacados. He was also a finalist in the Premio Planeta Argentina. He has published more than ten novels for teenagers and some of his books have been translated into more than ten languages, such as French, German, Greek Dutch, Russian or Italian, among many others.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: Miniseries, TV Series, Film, TV Movie.

AVAILABLE IN: Spanish, Portuguese, Italian.

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