Pablo de Santis

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Pablo de Santis is an Argetinian journalist, writer and screenwriter. He studied Letters at the Universidad de Buenos Aires, and he worked as a journalist and as a screenwriter. He was chief editor of the Fierro magazine.

Regarding TV, he worked as a writer for the programs El otro lado and El visitante, and he was co-screenwriter of the miniseries Bajamar, la costa del silencio. 

In 2016 he was appointed a member of the Academia Argentina de Letras, of which he is now the treasurer. He is the director of the Enedé collection, which publishes Argentinian comic classics, as well as the collections for teenagers La movida and Obsesiones.



Pablo de Santis has sold hundreds of thousands of books. De Santis has been awarded with many awards like the Premio Planeta-Casa de América, the Premio de la Academia Argentina de Letras, the Premio Nacional de Cultura, the Premio Konex, the Premio Nacional de Literatura Infantil and the Premio Destacados. He was also a finalist of the Premio Planeta Argentina.