Belladonna Academy (Academia Belladonna)

The assassins’ academy.

London, 1930s. Young Duncan Dix receives a letter from the past with a key. The letter is his admittance in the Belladonna Academy, a very important clandestine school for murderers. In the academy, he will learn different assassination tactics to avenge his parents’ death. Along with him, 7 other pupils are admitted to the school – among them, there is Tessa Kendrell, his first love. In this eccentric school led by eccentric teachers, students study subjects like poison typology, fencing, blowpiping, knife-throwing, firearms, locksmithing, etc. Duncan grows to form an innocent and frightened young boy to one of the best assassins.

In the competition among the three most important assassin academies (Belladonna, The Alchemists, and The Borgia Academy), all the students meet in the Savoy Hotel in Vienna, where there will be a big massacre. The director of the Borgia Academy is Gideon Krendell (Tessa’s father), and the founder of Belladonna is Erasmus Dix, Duncan’s father. Gideon had an affair with Duncan’s mother, he manipulated Erasmus Dix’ car breaks, not knowing that his wife would be with him in the car when they had the accident.

Our protagonist will uncover all sorts of acts of vengeance, old feuds, power struggles and lots of secrets. He will overcome all obstacles until he finds the truth behind his parent’s identity, and graduates Cum Laude at the Belladonna Academy.


RELEVANT DATA: Pablo de Santis is a prestigious Argentinian journalist, scriptwriter and novelist. Some of his works have been translated to French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Romanian, Czech, Greek, Dutch and Russian.

Among others, De Santis was awarded the Premio Konex, the National Children’s Literature Award, the Premio Planeta, the Premio de la Academia Argentina de las Letras for best novel, and the National Culture Award in the children’s literature category. Since 2017, De Santis is a member of the Academy of Arts in Argentina.


POTENCIAL AUDIOVISUAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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