Saga You (Saga Tú)

Forever You | Just You | Just You Forever | Eternally You | Only you | Infinitely You

You never forget your first love.

The You saga introduces us to four intertwined love stories in which the protagonists are united by family ties or friendship. Each installment focuses on a couple.

Britt had to watch as the love of her teenage years, Dennis, married another woman. On top of that, it’s impossible for her to let him out of her sight because he is a professional soccer player and appears in magazines and on tabloids. Ten years later, she has rebuilt her life, but meeting him again turns her world upside down and the feelings of the past reappear. Both will have to evolve to reconnect: Britt will have to believe in love again, while Dennis must overcome his fears.

Abigail is a young writer who has just gotten out of a toxic relationship. Now she has set out to take control of her life. She is ready to return to her job at Killiam’s publishing house, the man she is in love with. But Killiam still has feelings for his ex-fiancée, Natasha, who is fighting to get him back. Despite that, meeting Abigail again makes him doubtful and Abigail will do everything she can to build a future with Killiam.

Some time later, Britt finally has everything she’s ever dreamed of: a beautiful son and a husband she loves with all her heart. But everything is shaken when Dennis gets an offer to play soccer in another country. Britt must evaluate the situation and make a decision, because leaving with him means giving up everything and starting a new life far from everything she knows.

Meanwhile, Abigail and Killiam’s relationship has strengthened and they have become engaged. However, they see each other less and less due to work. She has to juggle her work as a writer with that of the publishing house, rarely ever getting time for herself. Killiam, on the other hand, spends his days traveling in search of promising writers to help him promote his publishing house. Abigail and Killiam will not only have to save the publishing house, but also recover their relationship.

Seven years after the summer of their lives, when they were teenagers, Killiam’s sister Maddie and Britt’s brother Leo meet again. This time, it’s on a movie set. Leo has become a movie star and Maddie must do his make-up. They both believed they had moved on from their relationship, but they discover that the fire is more alive than ever.

Owen and Lilliam met years ago while on vacation and spent one night together. Seven years have passed since then and, although they have mutual friends, they never saw each other again. Until now. When Owen renovates his pub, he hires Lisa and Lilliam. When they finally meet face to face, they can’t believe it. The desire and complicity of that night remains intact. However, they learn secrets about each other that will make them rethink whether or not they should be driven by passion.

Lisa eats, sleeps and breathers her job. She is a personal shopper for none other than famous singer Christian’s mother. Lisa can’t stand Christian since she read his book. But during the tour, she will discover things about him that will make her think differently of him and lead her to believe in love.

RELEVANT DATA: Moruena Estríngana is a best-selling Spanish author, specializing in new adult romance novels. With more than 100 publications under her belt, she has been number one on the iTunes, Amazon and Play Store bestseller lists. The author has been awarded two Avenida Awards for Best Romance Novel and Best Romance Author and the DAMA Award for Best Romance Novel, as well as a nomination for the same award in the Best Young Adult Romance Novel category.

The You Saga has sold tens of thousands of copies. It brings together four love stories of four couples related to each other in some way. A fresh universe that allows the creation of different plots and that is reminiscent of Love Actually and Modern Love.


What the critics have said:

“Moruena’s storytelling is very smooth and engages the reader from the very first pages. Captivating characters […] and an agile narrative full of twists and turns.” Goodreads

“Whenever I see a new novel by Moruena Estríngana I dive in, aware that I’m going to love it. Once I get the book, I have the desire to get lost in it, to discover and get to know this new story. I almost don’t want to start it because I know that once I finish it, I will feel like I’m saying goodbye to friends… ” Amazon


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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