Sand Promises (Promesas de arena) (TV Series)


Lucía just finished her degree and travels to Palestine as a cooperator in a NGO. She is filled with excitement and good intentions, but what she finds in the refugee camps shatters all her preconceived ideas. In the camps, there are not only altruistic interests; political religious factions keep a constant struggle for power among them and against their common enemy Israel, and by extension the Western World. Lucía will encounter the two major types of people that live in the camps: those who give everything, Like Fathia and Hamid; and the Falcon, a Palestinian man with an English father raised in different countries. He has a magnetism and good looks that hopelessly captivate the young Lucía. Discovering who this man really is will cost her dearly: her passion will rise her to glory and drag her into the abyss.


RELEVANT DATA: Sand Promises has passion, drama, adventure but as well as being a novel with a torrid romance, it is mostly a story about friendship and support among women. A friendship capable of overcoming cultures and prejudices in order to unite wills and strengthen the feminine condition beyond conflicts and passions.