Sara’s Bones (Los huesos de Sara)

Some secrets should never be unearthed.

Nahuel Donaire, a journalist from the newspaper El Popular, has the mission of writing an article about the most recent paleontological discovery: the remains of the largest carnivorous dinosaur ever unearthed. The excavation site is in a remote area of Patagonia, where Lake Colhué Huapi is situated, a place untouched by tourism that is even unknown to most Argentinians. His tour guide is Teresa Estévez, the paleontologist leading the expedition, whom he had met months before during a conference, where they shared some intimacy, and both were eager to see each other again.

After days of exploring the area and nights of getting to really know each other, the duo wakes up to an unpleasant surprise: the dinosaur’s skull has vanished, it has been replaced by a human phalanx and a cryptic note, and they quickly assume from the note that the bone belongs to Teresa’s former mentor, Sara Lombardi, who disappeared four years ago in the same place.

Teresa and Nahuel must embark on a dangerous race to try to recover the missing fossil and uncover what happened to Sara Lombardi. Thus, Sara’s Bones takes us into a thrilling investigation as we travel through some of the most beautiful, inhospitable, and unknown places in the world, where only their inhabitants know that they are being destroyed by the work of oil companies and their greed.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: Sara’s Bones is the continuation of the novel Where I Buried Fabiana Orquera, a highly acclaimed novel, in which the author brings back the character of Nahuel Donaire. As such, Sara’s Bones expands the universe and the arc of the characters, making it easier to create a more continuous audiovisual project and promoting the development of new plots and subplots. At the time of its publication, Sara’s Bones became Perfumo’s most successful release.

Cristian Perfumo is a bestselling author in Spain and Latin America who has sold tens of thousands of copies, he has been awarded the Amazon Literary Prize and was a finalist for the prestigious Clarín Novel Prize. His works have been translated into different languages.


About this installment, readers have said:

“The descriptions, the setting, the fluid dialogues make you dive into the book, and the chapters are read incredibly quickly. Dynamic, entertaining, it captures your interest from the first minute of reading.” Amazon

“As always, Cristian Perfumo is capable of surprising us with this Patagonian archeo-thriller. He builds his stories with just the right number of elements, maintains the tension until the last line, and sustains it all on the powerful background that the Patagonia represents in all his works.” Amazon


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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