Scar – Cicatriz (TV Series)

“Keep your eyes wide open before marriage, and half closed after it”.

Simon Sax is a young computer genius with social phobia that can become a multimillionaire if he sells his invention -an astonishing algorithm- to a multinational corporation. However, Simon feels alone due to his null social skills.

One day he overcomes his prejudices and logs in a hookup web where he falls in love with Irina, a Russian woman. Distance is no obstacle for them. However, she has an enigmatic scar on her cheek, as a symbol of a dark secret.

A passionate lovestory, several lies and a mysterious scar. Do you really know the person you sleep with?


RELEVANT DATA: With such a cinematographic language, the novel is an incredible page-turner, a fast-moving plot, absolutely addictive and written by the most-sold Spanish author of thriller stories.


What the critics have said:

“Juan Gómez-Jurado irretrievably catches the reader”, Booklist.

“He owns the formula of success, and manages to connect with the audience and the critics”, Jot Down.

“Gómez-Jurado establishes a new golden standard in thrillers”, USA Today.

“The denouement of Irina and Simon will remain in the reader’s memory forever”, El Periódico de Catalunya.



AVAILABLE LANGUAGES: Spanish, Italian, Macedonia, Serbian, Polish.