Serafín, the Writer, and the Witch (Serafín, el escritor y la bruja)

A star will guide them towards each other.

Serafín is the new kid at school and because of this, he doesn´t have very many friends. His classmates reject and mock him, which causes him to distance himself even further. As if this wasn´t enough, he is the youngest of six siblings by a long shot: twelve years to be exact. Therefore, it´s no surprise that sometimes loneliness gets the best of him. But alas, he has found refuge between the pages of his favorite books; he was most passionate about witch stories. His parents were extremely strict with him, always pushing him to be the best in everything he did, especially at school. This is precisely why they wanted him to win the skills competition held every year at his school. What they didn´t realize is that he was up against the school’s cheater and his worst enemy, Axel Quintana.

Witches are known for their troublemaker spirit, but Amanda Amancay was different. She was a rather kind and joyful witch, as opposed to her stepsister, or any other witch for that matter. She never really fit in or got along well with the rest of her classmates, mostly because she was peculiar, distant and more importantly, unique. Amanda lives with her uncle, who has shape shifted into a house cat after a spell casted on him went terribly wrong, and her stepsister, who is constantly lecturing Amanda on how to be a better witch. She cannot fathom how she hasn´t used her powers still to turn a prince in to a frog or cast a spell on a palace. However, Amanda feels she is above all of the “normal” witch behavior, and against her stepsisters wishes, she desperately searches for a way so her story can be told and for her voice to be heard: she wants to be the topic of a biography.

Felipe is one of the most important biographical writers in the country. Ironically enough, he works for the father of Axel Quintana, Serafín´s worst enemy at school, at his editorial. Felipe´s greatest passion to write horror novels that evoke lots of emotion, with a special interest in the topics of witches, zombies and phantoms. However, he is currently playing with the cards he was dealt; working at a boring office writing boring biographies, and this frustrates him immensely. Felipe longs to tell a story that takes him back to his origins, the reason he became a writer in the first place.

The night of October 31st, Serafín, the witch and the writer looked out their windows and stared at the brightest star in the sky, unaware that they were all admiring the same star. In this way, the three main characters begin to cross paths, and they discover that together, they can each do exactly what they´ve been yearning for in their lives. When the three of them set their eyes on that shining star, their lives are changed forever, and the subsequent adventures they live together will make their dreams come true.


RELEVANT DATA: Serafín, the Writer and the Witch (Serafín, el escritor y la bruja) is a book found in schools, praised by teachers because of its diverse themes that children learn through its reading, such as self-determination, competition, friendship, beauty and responsibility. The children’s book was selected for the Edebé Publishing Contest in Barcelona.

Claudia Piñeiro’s works have been translated into several languages, and several of them have also been adapted for the cinema. The author has been awarded several distinctions such as the Clarín Award, the Pléyade Award, the Latin American Award for Children’s and Young Adult Literature, the ACE Award, the LiBeraturpreis Award, the Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz Award and the Pepe Carvalho Award. She was also a finalist for the Premio Planeta Argentina and the Premio La Sonrisa Vertical.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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