Masters and dungeons serie (Serie Amos y Mazmorras)

When dungeons open, dragons go hunting.

Cleo Connelly has always yearned to be part of the FBI, just like her sister, Leslie. However, after failing the admission exam due to her impulsiveness, her destiny led her to become a police officer patrolling the streets of New Orleans.

Now, her dream of being a special agent turns into a real nightmare. Leslie has mysteriously disappeared, and the agency’s deputy director seeks her help. Without hesitation, Cleo agrees to join the rescue mission.

To find her sister, she must immerse herself in a dangerous and erotic Dragons and Dungeons tournament that explores the depths of BDSM – a group of alternative erotic practices and fantasies. Behind the tournament’s facade lies an underground network trafficking drugs and women.

Cleo’s mission is clear: infiltrate the competition to unravel this operation, rescue her sister, and free the exploited women before they are killed or suffer a worse death.

To help her, they assign the gruff and lethally attractive agent Lion Romano, the obnoxious boy who bothered Cleo throughout her childhood.

On the other hand, Lion is devastated by the death of his best friend and Leslie’s disappearance, wishing for the mission to be over already. Things change when he discovers that his new pupil is Cleo, his childhood crush.

For them to succeed he will become her boss and master for a week, teaching her all the details of BDSM, to compete together in the tournament.

The intensive days of training and domination bring them closer in unexpected ways and compromise the plan. Lion fears for Cleo’s safety, so he needs to keep his distance. Convinced that only this way he can protect her, he insists on adopting an insensitive attitude towards the owner of his heart, Cleo.

As they face increasingly challenging trials, Cleo and Lion encounter figures from their past, furthermore advancing in a dangerous adventure tinged with sensuality, and cruelty, where whips and lashes outline their everyday reality.

They will both need to use all the tricks in the book to reach the final stage of the BDSM tournament. But will they manage to rescue Leslie before tension leads them to mutual destruction?

Because their journey will be full of intrigue and seduction, forcing Cleo and Lion to face the limits of their boundaries, one sexy rendezvous at a time.


DATOS RELEVANTES: Lea Valenti, known as the “Spanish E.L. James,” is a young literary promise. Her Amos y Mazmorras saga has surpassed hundreds of thousands of copies sold and has been compared to the international phenomenon Fifty Shades of Grey. In a short time, Valenti has established herself as one of the most popular Spanish-language authors with a loyal fan base.

Each story in the saga features a unique pair of protagonists. The stories are divided into two volumes, with Amos y Mazmorras I and II being among the most popular and best-selling. These installments introduce the audience to the intriguing world of BDSM through immersive investigations and police themed stories.

The saga has inspired a wide range of merchandise to satisfy its devoted followers, and Valenti’s work has received praise and coverage from prominent Spanish media such as Cosmopolitan, El País, El Mundo, 20 Minutos, RTVE, among others.


Some readers have said:

“The arguments and twists Lena Valenti displays in her acclaimed work Amos y Mazmorras leave you with your mouth open and remind you that a writer’s ability, beyond telling stories, is to captivate, excite, and astonish the reader. If Valenti is weaving the plot, all of that is more than assured.” Operation Best-Seller.

“Lena Valenti is genius, power, and evolution for adult romantic literature. Her Lenaverse is infinite and full of possibilities.” El Confidencial.

“Hooked is the word for how these books have had me. They lasted exactly one day each. There’s love, sex, and a very good plot, a story of action, intrigue, and suspense, always with a love that goes beyond the stars and with an explanation of sex that outshines many other books… It always leaves you wanting more! Lena Valenti’s books are the best.” Amazon.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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