Shooting Up The Sky (El cielo a tiros)

The children of drug cartels were the real victims.

After twelve years without setting foot on his country, Larry goes back to Colombia, for they have found his father’s body in a common grave. His childhood friend, Pedro, picks him up at the airport and takes him directly to the Alborada celebration, a popular festival in which the whole city loses control under the fireworks.

His fahter, Libardo, was a man who was always armed and carrying bundles of cash in his pockets, linked to drug cartels and well connected to Pablo Escobar. His wife, Fernanda, could not be other than an ex beauty queen; an empty-headed woman whose only objective was to have children and to ensure herself an excellent and luxurious life.

When he arrives to Medellín, the exiled young man finds a reality that is far from those luxurious mansions guarded by bodyguards; all of that is now an open wound. His mother, Fernanda, a woman who went from having it all to having nothing, is now immersed in depression and drug addiction.

Now that he is back, Larry can see the leftovers of the darkest time in the history of Colombia, being the clear example that the true victims of drug trafficking were the coming generations linked to the cartels.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: The acclaimed Jorge Franco is, in El cielo a tiros, the archeologist who has managed to put together the pieces of that open parenthesis of Colombian history. He condensed them in a portrait that is sometimes hard and sometimes relaxed, but always permanent in the darkest point of ambition, masked with the sacred image of a family built over the turbulent Medellín.

Shooting Up The Sky (El cielo a tiros) is a hard and uncensored work, that portrays the decline of a sector of the population who managed to have it all. Both the critics and the readers have acclaimed Franco’s work.

The successful novel has been published in Spain, several countries of Latin America, and France.

Jorge Franco is one of the most respected authors of the Hispanic paronama. He has been awarded with the Hammett International Novel Award and the Alfaguara Award, among others. Several of his novels, like Rosario Tijeras and Paraíso Travel, have been bestsellers turned film or TV series, and have turned out to be great commercial and critical successes.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.

AVAILABLE LANGUAGES: Spanish, English, Italian, French.

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