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From reality to fiction, from peacefulness to violence.

A detective with the pseudonym ¨Lefty¨ investigates the incomprehensible wave of female suicides, where the wives of artists and politicians alike are among the victims of this deadly epidemic.

An Italian and a French man argue the night before their national soccer teams pay for the world cup.

Four motorcyclists compete for the attention of the same woman without knowing one minor detail… she is a murderer.

A fun gathering of contemporary Mexican writers and artists.

A couple goes on a trip through the Sonoran desert to celebrate the wife’s birthday, but her husband always takes her to the most unusual places…

The 13 stories that comprise this anthology explore how the human being moves in a society and shows that each action will inevitably lead to a reaction, a consequence. Through each story the reality of lonely characters living in a hopeless world is revealed. This is either through simple, trivial and normal events or others that are on the brink of madness and terror. However, all of the stories have a common central theme: the human condition.


RELEVANT DATA: Élmer Mendoza is one of the greatest voices of contemporary Mexican literature. He is a pioneer and a representative of the so-called narco-literature. He has won many prestigious awards like the José Fuentes Mares National Literature Award, the Tusquets Editores Award, and was a finalist for the Dashiell Hammett Award.


What the critics have said:

«13 stories that let your imagination fly with vibrant and violent images characterized by characters that go back and forth between the reality and the absurd. » – PlanetadeLibros México

« These stories have a picturesque and sparkling imagery that Élmer Mendoza has accustomed us to. That and his humor, his prose and the wise certainty that ¨the devil is called stability¨. » –


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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