Single Broke Woman (Mujer sin blanca soltera busca)

A millennial woman tries to navigate her midlife crisis without a steady job or partner.

Isa Pi is a young woman in the midst of an existential crisis. She has just turned 30 and is unable to find her place in the working world, despite having two bachelor’s degrees and a master’s. After working as an intern at a newspaper in Barcelona, she is stuck in a frustrating “job limbo”, working as an editor for a television channel. The hours are endless, and she earns a miserable salary of a thousand dollars.  She is also the only one out of her group of friends who is not in a relationship.

Everyone around her seems to have their lives on track but her. She wonders where all the interesting men her age are. That’s why she decides to take matters into her own hands and turns to Tinder and Happn to organize singles parties. The experience she is going through leads her to start a blog on the internet for other millennials in similar situations, which, to her great surprise, ends up gathering an interesting community of people of her generation with the same problems who prove to her that she is not alone.

The story narrates the troubles and misfortunes of this modern Bridget Jones, who beyond looking for love and needs to find her place in the world and feel fulfilled.

She is accompanied by Santi, her best friend from college; a guy with whom she has a lot of chemistry but has never gone beyond a mere friendship. There is also Bruno, an architect she has just met and invited to the singles party and the charismatic Emma, with the “perfect” life, a wealthy French boyfriend and a job she loves. She is also friends with Ana, who has a serious boyfriend, a structured life and a job at the university where she is also a doctoral candidate. Raida is her co-worker at the TV station; and Susi, her roommate enjoys a great social life. They will all help Isa pass through her thirties and find her place as an adult woman.


RELEVANT DATA: Single Broke Woman Seeks (Mujer sin blanca soltera busca) began as a blog of the same name where the author dissected the problems of job insecurity, singlehood and the millennial generation under the pseudonym Isa Pi.

Montserrat Bros has worked as an editor and journalist in media outlets such as Europa Press, Onda Cero and Yo Donna.


What the critics have said:

“The novel has all the ingredients to be enjoyed, so I can only recommend it. Actually, it is a little jewel. It is also a thought-provoking read. What Isa Pi exposes makes you think, debate. I think it makes the novel even better.” Anika entre libros (literary blog)


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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