Sludge (Lodo)

The enigma surrounding a mysterious death.

Following rowdy college years in Barcelona, Endika, a 22-year-old young man, travels back to his small hometown in Navarre (Northern Spain).  He returns to the home of his aunt and grandmother, both of whom raised him as a child. His grandmother is a tyrannical landowner who pulls the strings in the village.

When the body of Laura Íñigo, a journalist at La Gaceta newspaper, is pulled from the bottom of a lake, Endika is compelled to accept the vacant position Laura leaves. On the day of Laura’s funeral, Endika gets hold of her cell phone and the manuscript of a thriller (set in the same small town) that the young woman was writing before her death.

Endika begins an intense investigation of Laura’s death. In parallel, he continues the novel she started, and begins a relationship with O’Malley, a man in his forties, who Endika later discovers had been Laura’s lover before her death. Thus, Endika begins to adopt Laura’s role in all aspects, and the boundaries between Endika’s identity and Laura’s are no longer defined. Endika’s obsession with the truth goes so far that he begins to believe that Laura has left a hidden message about the causes of her death between the pages of the manuscript.

At the same time, Endika will have to deal with several conflicts. His best friend is dating Gorka, his high school enemy, and his grandmother is still as devious as ever, leading Endika to rebel and burn down the family home.

His relationship with O’Malley is full of dangerous secrets that only make him the prime suspect in Laura’s death. So much so, that the truth of her death ends up unfolding in the most unexpected way.


RELEVANT DATA: Julen Azcona is a journalist and writer from Navarre. He has worked as an editor and communicator in press and television. He was runner-up at the Basque Literary Contest for New Authors and his film reviews have been published in a compilation book of the magazine Miradas de Cine.


What the critics have said:

“His novel is full of unforgettable and magically drawn characters. There’ s something about their psychology that fascinates me. A debut that promises good literature.” Goodreads

“It is an entertaining and intense read that makes one reflect on the causes and consequences of violence, depression, bullying and homophobia. This is coupled with a concern for the rural exodus.” Amazon


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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