Spring for Madrid (Primavera para Madrid)

A story of self-interests and corruption that proves that for every saint there is an infinite legion of demons.

 The collapse of the oligarchic elite in Madrid, a seemingly untouchable group within the Spanish society, caused a ruckus. In this story, the lives of these corrupt and elitist characters are portrayed – with an appearance from the Royal House.

The addiction to power and unbridled greed… conspiracies and hidden plots, sex and violence; anything is possible if there is money involved. Add politicians, builders, executives, police, journalists and the royal family to the mix and this could turn into a bloodbath.

The intertwined stories begin with a construction worker who owns a building on Calle Castellana. He has a son-in-law in a relationship with both his daughter and a dermatologist. A corrupt commissioner, willing to do anything for a paycheck, harassed said dermatologist. He was known for granting businessmen and bankers all kinds of favors, including an intelligence service. Within this service was a teenager who was invited to the coronation ceremony of the new king, a monarch enthroned after the previous Head of State had to abdicate due to his infidelities and corruption. Among these characters is also “The Spring”, an ancient pagan Mayan goddess who is celebrated in Madrid during the “Mayan Festival” and is a symbolic character who is represented throughout the narrative by several women acting as statues and standing on flower alters.

These characters and many more played a role in tracing the corruption of Spanish politics.


RELEVANT DATA: Spring for Madrid (Primavera para Madrid) is a blunt account of political corruption in Madrid. The author, Magius, was inspired by the actual corruption that was brought to light in recent years and aims to portray this very specific moment in Spanish society. He was a finalist for the New Author Award at the 37th Barcelona Comic Fair.


What the critics have said:

Spring for Madrid (Primavera para Madrid), Magius’ ambitious new graphic novel, reads like a thriller and stars strangely familiar characters.” El País

“The reader is left in the hands of an author who, in almost 300 pages, takes us where he wants. From one character to another, from a trick to a scam… a perfect diary of successes and errors in Spanish society. The ins and outs of the elite.” Underbrain.com

“Pathetic thieves and crooks that Magius, the unclassifiable and cool comic book visionary, portrays with talent thanks to his acidic and critical point of view, words as sharp as a scalpel.” Zonazhero (literary blog)


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie


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