Magius (Diego Corbalán)

Scenic Rights is the audiovisual co-agency of Diego Corbalán (Magius).

Diego Corbalán, who adopted the nickname “Magius”, is a screenwriter, illustrator and cartoonist. He is a prolific comic book author within the “fanzine” scene, exhibiting his works in various cities including Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Salamanca and Porto. He boosted the fanzine genre Black Metal Comix that tell the wild and true stories of Black Metal Bands, with its special black humor. He also participates in popular fanzines such as Putrefacción Anal, Clásicos Caninos and Hammon. Thanks to his success, he created his own publishing house known as Fog Comix. He was the co-founder of Zorroclocos e Lobos in Murcia, Spain, a fanzine fair that is currently one of the most important in Spain.



Magius was among the finalists for the Revelation Author Award at the 37th Barcelona Comic Fair.


What critics have said about the cartoonists works:

“Magius is one of the most interesting Spanish comic authors in recent years. He recognizes that he is obsessed with power, mafias and secret organizations. Now he dares to put faces and names to the corruption of the last 10 years in Spain in one of the best comics of 2020: Spring for Madrid (Primavera para Madrid)”. RTVE.ES