How far are you able to get by the work of your dreams?

Squash is the fight for a job. Two women take part in the weirdest and most degrading selection process they have ever been part of. A process orchestrated not to check the ability to surpass oneself they have, but to assist to their sinking. The job they are applying for does not matter, nor do the trials they are put through. The only thing that matters is the high salary, and they are desperate.


RELEVANT FACTS: It has always been said that the end justifies the means. These girls do not consider whether or not the evidence to which they are submitted has any logic. They are only able to see the ultimate goal: many zeros in their payroll. But what if the end is not getting the job? What if that work do not exist? What if it only consisted in humiliating these two women to have fun observing them? From the tranquility of being able to see unobserved, we assume that certain people are there to entertain us. From the comfort of our anonymity, we are able to attend to the humiliation of some people, from the contestants of “realities” to the members of the “pink life”. How far would we be able to keep looking? And that limit, would it be the same if we knew that they could see us as well?




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