Ernesto Caballero

Scenic Rights is the audiovisual co-agency of Ernesto Caballero.

 Ernesto Caballero de las Heras (Madrid, 1958) is a playwright, scene director, teacher and manager of a theatre company. He is the direct heir of the generation of authors coming from the Spanish Political Transition. He has been awarded with many decorations, praised by critics and the public and named director of the National Dramatic Centre of Spain in 2011.



He has written over 50 theatre plays, premiered all of them. He has staged many famous authors such as Alfonso Plou, Paloma Pedrero, Dulce Chacón, Carmen Rico Godoy, Alfonso Zurro, Juan Mayorga, Ignacio del Moral and José Ramón Fernández. As a watershed event in his career, he received the Premio MAX de Teatro.