The Author of “Las meninas”

 Revolution is pounding at the gates! There is no money for pensions, expired food is sold in the supermarkets, free medical assistance is over, and even drugstores are out of stocks. In the 2030s, the welfare state has disappeared and a populist party is governing in Spain. Europe no longer exists as such and international politics is defined by an “every man for himself!” philosophy of closed borders.

A humble copyist nun, Sister Ángela, receives the order of making a copy of Las Meninas at the Prado Museum, because the original one is being sold to an Arabic petromonarchy, in order to diminish the national debt, and so to demobilize the population on permanent strike and prerevolutionary status.

While the end of the world approaches, the nun is not sure whether to obey the director of the museum and finish the copy; or to listen to Adrian, a young demoniac anarchist who tempts her (spiritually and sexually) and inspires her to create her own work inspired by 20th century artistic avant-garde, to avoid her from copying Las Meninas exactly so that Spain may keep the original one.


TOPICS: Dystopia, Culture, Religion, Art, Politics, Love, Sexuality, Deceit, Populism, Strike, Petromonarchy, Future, Moral quandary, Las Meninas, Wellfare state, Europe, Spain.


GENRE: Dystopia, Comedy, Dramedy, Romantic, Futuristic.


RELEVANT DATA: The Author of (La autora de) “Las Meninas” is a dystopia which copes with the status of art in society, as well as with the controversial concept of social welfare.

The play was taken to the stages, starring the very famous award-winning Spanish actress Carmen Machi.

The play also displays a sarcastic point of view on the egomaniacal self-abortion of a good part of the most avant-garde and committed creation of the last years.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.

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