Strokes of Light (Golpes de luz)

Endearing and wild.

Julia is a journalist in her forties who decides to move with her son Sebas to her hometown in Galicia. She takes advantage of the trip to take care of her mother, give herself time after the recent breakup with her husband and work on a report about heroin trafficking.

Luz, Julia’s mother, is a foul-mouthed 80-year-old woman, with a peculiar character, a complicated temper, and possible dementia. She is poorly educated and the only thing she is interested in is taking care of her garden, playing Parcheesi with her friends, and drinking wine to her heart’s content. Her daughter Julia shows up at her house and begins to control what she eats and drinks, and in what she spends her money. In addition, Julia is obsessed with knowing her father’s past. Julia’s father left for Argentina when she was ten years old, and Luz is not at all interested in her husband’s secrets coming to light.

Luz and her daughter Julia seem to be on different pages. However, Luz and her grandson Sebas understand each other perfectly. Sebas is a sensitive ten-year-old with an overflowing imagination who is convinced that his grandmother, who never lets go of her hammer, is Thor. Despite his parents’ divorce and the fact that he is not fitting in at his new school, Sebas is happy with his new best friends and adores his grandmother.

Julia devotes herself to working on her report and trying to uncover the truth about what happened to her father, although her mother does not make it easy for her. Everything changes when Julia begins to find clues that link a known drug dealer to her father, and both investigations begin to intertwine. Thanks to this, she manages to start tying up loose ends and to carry out both of her ongoing investigations simultaneously. In the end, she manages to unravel the history of drug trafficking in Galicia in the nineties and learn the truth about who her father really was.


RELEVANT DATA: Strokes of Light (Golpes de Luz) is a story narrated by three unforgettable and very realistic voices (Julia, Luz, and Sebas). The characters have many layers, are very well constructed and brimming with elements such as mystery, tenderness and, above all, a lot of humor in their treatment of family relationships.

Ledicia Costas has established herself as one of the most promising authors of the current Spanish-speaking literary scene. With several bestsellers under her belt, some of her works have been translated into several languages and, for her extraordinary narrative, she has won important awards: the National Award for Children’s and Young People’s Literature and, on two occasions, the Lazarillo Award.


What the critics have said:

“A story told in three voices belonging to different generations, in which many themes are present, such as care for the elderly, children’s fantasy, heroin drug trafficking in Galicia, the Marvel universe and the impossibility of reconciling the two worlds.” El Periódico

“Ledicia Costas’ new book, somewhere between fiction about the Galician narcos and Stranger Things.” ElDiario

“Ledicia Costas offers a different point of view on this controversial subject and leaves room for care, humor and the search for the truth or the identity of its characters.” El Español


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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