Who will survive this course?

A year after Moon Kirby died of an overdose at a party, the exclusive Minerva International School begins a new year with the intention of forgetting the past.

Luz Kirby (Moon’s sister), Alec Ros, Jara Musa, and Damián Sainz also make it clear: it’s time to turn the page, even though Moon is still very much among them.

However, the problems are just beginning: Pol Hidalgo is found dead under strange circumstances. Luz receives an envelope with a note that says, “The killer of Moon Kirby is Alec Ros.”

Alec, Jara, and Damián receive the same message, but with different names. Alec: “The killer of Moon Kirby is Jara Musa”; Jara: “The killer of Moon Kirby is Luz Kirby”; and Damián: “The killer of Moon Kirby is you.”

But these messages make no sense, because they are signed by Pol, and Pol has just died. Someone is behind all this, and they do not seem to intend to stop until the truth comes to light… Or all four end up dead.


RELEVANT DATA: Arantxa Comes was a finalist with her story Descendant at the 1st Ripley Award. Shortly thereafter, at the beginning of 2018, she won Alucinadas IV with her story Few Words Suffice. Her work so far encompasses eight young adult novels.

What readers have said about Sugar:

“This novel has a perfect cocktail: an exclusive boarding school, where it seems that a murder occurs every year, and a group of teenagers who are the best investigators, with a quite turbulent past and a lot to heal among them. Thanks to a wide variety of characters, the author makes a very accurate social critique.” – Goodreads.

AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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