Whisper in a Storm (Šepot v bouři)

A familiar place, painful memories and an unexpected secret…


26 years old Michal Kovařík returns to his native village after years to reconcile with his father. He had left 7 years ago, after the death of his then-girlfriend Evelin, hoping to overcome the pain and sadness of her loss. Unsuccessful, he still sees his beloved Evelin as if she had never died, he can’t let go.

His arrival coincides with his childhood friend, Tomáš Odehnal, body found buried in a garden. He had supposedly jumped off a bridge to his death 8 years ago. It is now clear it was a murder.

Michal’s friend Kristýna hands him over a USB with a video of Evelin, recorded when she was dying of cancer. In the video, she confesses to murdering Tomáš, who had tried to rape her. But something doesn’t add up. With the video in hand Michal confronts his friend Veronika, Tomáš’s ex-girlfriend. At first, she hesitates, doesn’t want to talk about it, until she finally gives in and bursts into tears. Her and Tomas got into a fight when she tried to break up from him. He began to strangle her and she managed to grab a stone and hit him on the head with it. Evelin showed up, and came up with the plan to make it look like a suicide. Veronika collapses, crying. She would’ve end up in prison and her sons at an orphanage. Michal puts the USB on the table between them. Evelin took the blame to save her. Only them two now the truth and it’ll stay that way. He will take the USB to the police to close the case. Veronika hesitates, doesn’t want to tarnish her memory like this, but Michal convinces her that this is exactly how Evelin wanted it, that she wanted to save her, and she shouldn’t take that opportunity away from her.

He now realizes why Evelin told him right before dying while he wheeled her through a birch alley, that this is exactly how he should remember her. To let everything before and after disappear. She wanted to be remembered as someone who, despite the adversity of fate, remained strong and happy, not as someone who took someone’s life.

After reconciling and talking about Evelin with his father, Michal realizes that Evelin had hidden a message of hope for him to find. From then on, his recurring memories cease. Coping with his past helps him heal his old wounds and embark on a sounder path in life.


RELEVANT DATA: In this gripping psychological drama, author Aleš Novotný explores the theme of overcoming the loss of a loved one. The author of nine books, Aleš Novotný is credited for a bestselling collection of short stories and has recently published two audiobooks, “Think About the Death” and “I, Death”. Aleš Novotný focuses on young adult, thriller, and crime genres.

What the critics and readers have said:

“A truly powerful story that will captivate you, leaving you pondering long after you’ve finished reading it.” – Goodreads

“Great writing style and a perfect story, which is very simple and short, but accompanied by strong emotions.” – Ronnie & Book.

“This thought-out and plausible story will captivate you with its intensity, emotion, and especially the denouement.” – Marcela Puddichová


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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