Target in the Night (Blanco nocturno)

A murderer with a broken dream.

The dead body of Tony Durán, a young man from Puerto Rico, is found in a small town of the Buenos Aires province. He arrived in Argentina following the Belladona twin sisters, Ada and Sofía, with whom he had slept simultaneously in Atlantic City.

Sofía was not willing to go on with the love triangle, and gave it up. Tony and Ada, however, kept their relationship, until he got to Buenos Aires.

Nobody knew Tony, and nobody knew what his business in Argentina was, but everybody heard about his death, stabbed in the ribs. The detective in charge of the case is inspector Croce, who will take us through Tony’s story -as he pieces the clues together- until finally finding Tony’s murderer. Emilio Renzi, a frustrated writer with a dark sense of humor, terribly satirical, in love with Buenos Aires, will join him. Renzi has just divorced and has an affair with Sofía.

The second part of the story is focused on Luca Belladona, half-brother of the Belladona twins. He spent his youth traveling through Argentina while he earn a living by fixing agricultural equipment. Now he is an ambitious man who managed to gather a sufficient amount of money to start up a new project: the most modern car factory in the country.

However, the national currency suffers a sudden devaluation and Cueto, the Belladonas’ attorney, betrays Tony. Tony goes bankrupt and is forced to mortgage his project. Now, this young man is obsessed with saving the company.

As Croce and Renzi investigate Tony Durán’s case, they will find out that this is not an isolated murder, but it is actually linked to a series of political and economic intrigues that involve Luca Belladona.


RELEVANT DATA: Target in the Night is a novel full of memorable characters and a complex plot full of interesting twists, betrayals, negotiations, wrong culprits, passions and traps. It is the story of a small town and complicated family relationships. In his other novel, Los casos del comisario Croce (The Cases of Inspector Croce), Piglia narrates many of Croce’s cases, making the story ideal for a saga with potential for a TV series.

Target in the Night is highly acclaimed by the critics and the audience. This novel was awarded with the Rómulo Gallegos Award and the Critic’s Award.

Considered by the critics as a classic of Argentinian literature, Piglia received a great number of recognitions throughout his career. Among them, the Premio Planeta Argentina, the Premio Iberoamericano de Letras José Donoso, the Premio de la Crítica de narrativa castellana, the Premio Rómulo Gallegos, the Premio Hammett, the Premio Casa de las Américas, the Gran Premio de Honor de la Sociedad Argentina de Escritores, the Premio Iberoamericano de Narrativa Manuel Rojas, the premio Konex and the Premio Formentor de las Letras.


Reviews say:

“Ricardo Piglia is at the top of the current Argentinian literary panorama. He has inherited Borges’ suspicious intelligence, and his relentless way of exploring literature. Piglia has also in common with Borges his interest for the dark underworld. Piglia’s fictions are inventive parables of recent and old nightmares from his country”, Jason Wilson (The Independent)

“With this work, Piglia is confirmed as one of the best current writers in Spanish”, Editorial Anagrama

“Luca Belladona is a great character. Piglia perfectly knows how to build the figure of an individual who fights against a blind and hostile society craving his failure”, El País


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.

AVAILABLE LANGUAGES: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Italian, Swedish, Croatian, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian.

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