Ricardo Piglia

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Ricardo Piglia was an Argentinian writer and literary critic, considered as one of the great Spanish language authors. He studied History at the Universidad Nacional de La Plata, and he later worked in several publishing houses in Buenos Aires.

Piglia, who was always an enthusiast of noir novels, directed the Serie Negra, the famous collection of noir novel that published Dashiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler and David Goodis.

Piglia was also a professor, teaching in many prestigious universities in the US like Harvard University and Princeton University.

He wrote several screenplays like Comodines, Corazón iluminado and La sonámbula, recuerdos del futuro.

In 2014 he was diagnosed with ALS, which considerably affected his health. Despite this, he kept on writing with the help of his assistant and of a hardware that allowed him to write through stares called Tobii.



Piglia’s works have been greatly acclaimed all over the world, and they have been translated into English, Italian, German and Portuguese, among many other languages.

Considered by the critics as a classic of Argentinian literature, Piglia received a great number of recognitions throughout his career. Among them, the Premio Planeta Argentina, the Premio Iberoamericano de Letras José Donoso, the Premio de la Crítica de narrativa castellana, the Premio Rómulo Gallegos, the Premio Hammett, the Premio Casa de las Américas, the Gran Premio de Honor de la Sociedad Argentina de Escritores, the Premio Iberoamericano de Narrativa Manuel Rojas, the premio Konex and the Premio Formentor de las Letras.