The Cases of Inspector Croce (Los casos del comisario Croce)

A life to be told.

Inspector Croce is a very special police officer, a crazy man guided by poetic intuition and mathematical precision. His best skill has always been analyzing the consequences of crimes before their causes, something no one ever understood.

This retired inspector, thoughtful and smart, will go back in time and expose the many different adventures he lived during his working years.

One of his big anecdotes is about that case when he had to deal with a Yugoslavian young sailor, accused of murdering a prostitute in a café in the harbor. Also, the one about a supposed film in which Eva Perón would participate in a pornographic scene.

A life full of stories worth telling in a book, a tough life that his protagonist, inspector Croce, now exposes as simple anecdotes.


DATOS RELEVANTES: Inspector Croce is one of the main characters of Target in the night, another novel by Piglia. With clear references to Arthur Conan Doyle, Edgar Allan Poe or Chesterton, the author built a wonderful and deep character for his novels.

Piglia was one of the big names in Argentinian and other Spanish speaking literatures. He has received important awards, like the Planeta Argentina Award, the Ibero American Award Letras José Donoso, Critica narrativa castellana award, Rómulo Gallegos Award, the Hammett Award, the Casa de las Américas Award, the SADE Honorific Award, the Manuel Rojas Narrative Award, the Konex Award and the Formentor de las letras Award.

El País newspaper assures “Piglia builds mythology of complex characters, far from any archetypes, which will remain in the history of police genre”.

The Cases of Comisario Croce has a style highly influenced by the big ones of the thriller stories, making Piglia one of the most important and attractive modern figures in the Spanish speaking literature.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: Serie TV, Miniserie, Film, TV Movies.

AVAILABLE LANGUAGES: Spanish, Italian, Bulgarian.

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