Do you dare? (¿Te atreves?)

To what extent do you think you know yourself?

Victor is a lonely teenager like many others. He spends his days locked in his room, glued to his computer screen, suffering from severe headaches that limit his social life. His mother barely spends time at home, as her job is the only source of income for a family with a very painful past.

One day, locked in his room, Victor receives a mysterious email in which a hooded figure invites him to delve into a challenge with a simple message: “Do you dare?”

From that moment on, Victor must solve the challenges and riddles that the enigmatic being presents to him, in order to unravel who is hiding behind that robe and why they seem to know him better than he knows himself.

He will count on the help of his high school classmate Jorge to carry out some of his challenges. Each challenge will make Victor get to know himself better and better. But it will also reveal unknown truths about his family, his friends, and his entire environment.


DATOS RELEVANTES: ¿Te atreves? was part of the sixteen works selected for the event of promotion and adaptation of literary works to audiovisual media, Rodando Páginas, organized by the Madrid Audiovisual Association (AMA) and the Federation of Writers’ Guilds of Spain (FGEE).

Daniel Hernández Chambers is a Spanish author whose works are sold in several Latin American countries, including Mexico.

He is an author with dozens of published works and the winner of numerous awards, including: the Leer es Vivir Award, an Alandar Award, an Azagal Award, a Hache Award, the Ala Delta Award, the Villa de Ibi Award, the Algar Award, and was a finalist twice for the Edebé Award, three times for the SM Gran Angular Award, and once for the Hache Award.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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