Ten Different Ways of Being Laura (Diez maneras diferentes de ser Laura)

The secret universes of Laura.

Laura is an introverted girl in her early 20’s who hasn’t realized what a big creative talent she has and is doing her best to survive precarious temp jobs. She lives with her mother, who is authoritarian and traditional, and never stops telling her that her objective in life is to find a good catch and start a family, rather than aspiring to be an independent working woman.

Laura isn’t that great at dealing with people or making friends, so she makes use of her extraordinary imagination to create parallel imaginary lives to which she easily evades. One moment she can be a cunning investigator, the next an elven heroine in a world full of orcs. Laura is a sort of “Walter Mitty” who looks for refuge in those fantasies in order to survive the harshness of her daily life.

Laura is fired from a job where she worked as an accountant and is replaced by Atila, the son of her boss’ friend. Atila is a punk who is definitely not qualified for the job. Laura gets attached to the poor guy so much that she pities him and stays at the office more time to teach him the job – to the point where she ends up actually doing his job.

The real problems come when, after a lie, Laura is hired in the job of her dreams. However, it is a job she has no idea how to do. She is hired in a multinational company where everybody treats her absolutely great because they think that she will come up with a plan that will benefit the company enormously. Laura gets access to this job thanks to a scout (her fairy godmother) that believes in her great potential and her good faith so much that she turns a blind eye to Laura’s lack of experience and lies on her behalf.

Laura has to face all sort of obstacles: a new job she cannot do, new colleagues, coping with Atila’s workload, and to suffer her impossible mother. Moreover, she has fallen in love with one of her new colleagues. He is aware of Laura’s problems and helps her to believe in her own potential and set a plan to succeed in her project presentation.

Laura is caught and fired for having lied in her CV, but in all these adventures, Laura has evolved notoriously and has become a much more capable and empowered woman. Moreover, she has left behind all her fantasies because she does not need to seek for refuge in them anymore; life is way more exciting!


RELEVANT DATA: Rebeca Rus is a Spanish novelist and also a creative director in the advertising industry. She is the precursor of the chick-literature in Spain. In just a few years, she managed to publish five novels, some of them best sellers, which have been highly acclaimed by a wide range of readers who have thoroughtly enjoyed them.


Critics have said:

“Rebeca Rus is great at telling stories that could happen to any of us. Who has never lost their job and include some tiny lies in their CV? This is what happens to Laura, a young girl who finds the job she always dreamed of, but who does not know how to do it”.– Cuore magazine.

“Rogue and sparkling humour. Not in vain Rebeca Rus is the queen of the chick-lit genre”.– Goodreads.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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