Tender Is the Flesh (Cadáver Exquisito) (TV Series)

A solid and chilling future in which cannibalism is legal.

The sudden appearance of a lethal virus that affects animals ends up irrevocably modifying the world: from wild to domestic, all animals must be systematically slaughtered, and their meat cannot be consumed anymore. The governments of the world face the situation by taking a drastic decision: to legalize the breed, reproduction, slaughter and processing of human flesh. Cannibalism is law and society has been divided in two: those who eat and those who are eaten. Marcos Tejo, the manager in charge of the Krieg refrigerator, separated from his wife and in charge of his father, is a shady bureaucrat. One day, he receives as a gift a woman bred for consumption, and temptation transforms him into a dangerous conscience and leads him to transgress the new rules to extents unknown by society. What is left of humanity when dead people are cremated to avoid their consumption? Who is the other if it is true that we are what we eat?


RELEVANT INFORMATION: Tender Is the Flesh won the prestigious Premio Clarín de Novela, and has been translated to several languages, including English, French, and German. Agustina Bazterrica has been awarded with many other recognitions like the Premio Municipal de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires and the Premio de Concurso Internacional Latin Heritage Foundation, among others.  


Tender Is the Flesh has been highly appraised by the critics:

“This book will pull you in, take hold, and not let go until you reach the final page-perhaps far longer than that. Without a doubt, my favorite read of this year.” Christina Dalcher, author of Vox

“At what price is a world without animals viable? That’s the question posted by Argentinian author Agustina Bazterrica…. With an artfulness perfectly calibrated with irony, [she] presents an astounding portrait of a humanity ready to do anything to satisfy itself, even at its own expense.” Le Monde

“Heiress to Orwell, the Argentinian author deploys a voice as vivid as it is chilling. In an increasingly dehumanized world, she pushes us to a dizzying reflection on violence, love, [and] power.” Livres Hebdo  


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: In development as TV Series.

LANGUAGES AVAILABLE: Spanish, English, German, French, Finnish, Bulgarian, Arabic, Greek, Polish, Russian, Swedish, Chinese, Dutch and Turkish.