Teresa Lanza’s Mysterious Disappearance (El oscuro adiós de Teresa Lanza) (TV Series)

They are all lying. Only one is the real culprit.

On a typical winter Friday in an idyllic upper-class residential neighborhood, Lourdes Ros, the editor of a prestigious book publishing house, invites her four best friends to dinner. Five successful and professionally recognized women. But the meeting will not be as pleasant as they expected, and the surprising suicide of a young immigrant girl alters their lives. Her name is Teresa Lanza, and she used to work in their homes about a year ago.

Teresa Lanza’s tragic death uncovers their most hidden secrets, their prejudices and their weaknesses. What seemed like a perfect friendship of perfect families in a perfect neighborhood, turns into a hornet’s nest. They are capable of anything to keep their image unscathed.

Simon, who is one of the women’s 20-year-old son, is discovered to have been Teresa’s lover, which raises all the red flag: he could be implicated in her death. Or maybe it was one of the lady’s husband, who had used the victim as a front man during his illegal bank situations.

Maybe it was not a suicide… maybe Teresa had no reason to take her own life and she was actually murdered.

Each and every one of them has a reason to want Teresa Lanza dead. As the investigation progresses, all the reasons why they all become suspects come to light. Behind the facade of their beautiful properties, there really could be someone capable of killing so that the truth does not come out and make it look like a suicide.

Finally, it is discovered that the young woman committed suicide as a result of the brutal pressures she suffered from one of the protagonists.


RELEVANT DATA: Toni Hill is considered one of the masters of the genre in Spain. His work has been published in more than twenty countries and has been a bestseller. Acclaimed by critics and readers, he has been granted the Novelpol Award, the Tormo Negro-Masfarné Award and the award for Best Crime Novel by the digital magazine Llegir en cas d’incendi.


What the critics have said:

“Superb character portrayal, so difficult for many other authors to achieve” Goodreads.

“A story with intrigue, with tension, in which Teresa Lanza’s suicide is the excuse to dig up dirt. And the fact is that everyone has a little secret to keep. Or several.” Goodreads.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series in development.