That place we call home (Ese lugar al que llamamos casa)

She left the war behind, but there’s another in her mind that she doesn’t know how to end.


Valentina, a 43-year-old journalist, returns to her home in Barcelona after spending the last 20 years covering the international section in the Middle East. Although she wants to reconnect with her family, she actually seeks to distance herself from the conflicts, the type of journalism she has been practicing, and also from a younger Italian journalist with whom she has fallen in love. The last five years she spent in Beirut have particularly taken a toll on her character, hardening her emotionally and leaving her unsure on how to face the situation she finds upon returning home: her father is ill, her mother is more distant than ever, and her sister reproaches her for the years she has been away. To top it off, the man who was once her partner has returned to the city, and she keeps having uncomfortable encounters with him.

The memories of the time she spent in war zones intermingle with her present, her family life, and the difficulty of returning to “normal” life after having lived through traumatic situations. Also, she will have deal with a personal battle to forget the woman who broke her heart and whom she has not seen again.

After all that has happened to her, Valentina must be honest with herself and decide whether her home is still a place to return to, or if it is time to leave it behind forever and start anew in a new place.


RELEVANT DATA: Following the success of her first novel, “Aprendre a parlar amb les plantes,” Marta Orriols has once again achieved critical acclaim from national literary critics, who have commented on her work:

“An extraordinarily skilled author at penetrating the soul of individuals by highlighting the conflicts and contradictions that define us and that are blurred in an everyday life marked by inertia.” – El País

“Marta Orriols’ most well-rounded novel.” – Jordi Nopca

“A novel about the weight of the decisions we make and the difficult balance between freedom and belonging.” – Núvol


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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