The Adventures of Joselito: The Little Nightingale (Las aventuras de Joselito: El pequeño ruiseñor)

The most important child star of Spanish music and cinema.

José Jiménez Fernández, known to the public as Joselito or “The boy with the golden voice” (“El niño de la voz de oro”), was the young prodigy of Spanish music and cinema in the mid-20th century.

Raised in a humble family during the Spanish Civil War, he began his highly successful career in radio programs. It was through the singer and actor Luis Mariano that Joselito was presented to the media as a star.

It soon became evident that the boy had a gifted voice that captivated anyone who heard it. His fame spread throughout France, where he had a larger fan club than in his own country. He also triumphed in Italy, where his voice seduced Pier Paolo Pasolini and Pope John XXIII. He also caused a sensation among Japanese and Mexican audiences.

For decades, Joselito was a true mass phenomenon, with dozens of films made, millions of records sold and a voice so emblematic that he was nicknamed by a whole generation as “The Little Nightingale” (“El pequeño ruiseñor”), in honor of his first film directed by Antonio del Amo.

His luck changed when he reached adolescence, his voice was transformed, and he began a descent into hell marked by alcohol and drugs. His later years were a bumpy road, he hunted in Africa for the Angolan guerrillas and suffered a prison sentence in Spain.

Despite a life marked by premature fame, overwhelming talent, and a media nosedive, Joselito is still remembered as one of the most brilliant Spanish children’s voices of all time.


RELEVANT DATA: The Adventures of Joselito (Las aventuras de Joselito) is a graphic novel with an unquestionable audiovisual potential, as it deals with the life of one of the most emblematic figures of Spanish show business, in the same line of other successful and recognized productions such as Judy, the Judy Garland biopic.

Joselito was a character who powerfully influenced the popular culture of many countries and is still remembered today. His life is raw material of great interest to create an organic international co-production.

José Pablo García is a Spanish writer specializing in literary adaptation to comics and has collaborated with publications such as El Mundo, Dos Veces Breve and Vida Económica.


What the critics have said:

“An undisputed masterpiece, a hit in the Spanish graphic novel, that is The Adventures of Joselito (Las aventuras de Joselito), by Pablo García. A volume that encompasses all possible schools of comics.”  ABC Cultural

“A love song to the comic and to Joselito. Even if you don’t know who he is, the comic is a great read with the varied graphic style that marks the change from one stage of his life to another and if you know him, it is even more incredible to read about the hard life of a former child prodigy.” Goodreads

“One of the most outstanding comics of the recent months.” Demipage (literary blog)


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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