The Alex Colt Saga (TV Series)

The awkward and maladjusted kid of the class has been the chosen one to protect the Universe.

Alex Colt is a clumsy and maladjusted human boy who lives in an orphanage. However, his life changes dramatically when he falls down an endless trash chute. His body disappears from The Earth to end aboard a spaceship piloted by a group of rogue and freakish aliens, with whom Alex perfectly fits.

The cabin crew of MADRE -the school-ship in which they travel— and their new cadet will have to face the Zarkians, a fleet of space pirates that threaten to destroy planet Earth.

Alex Colt, consisting of Alex Colt: Cadete espacial, Alex Colt: La batalla de Ganímedes, El secreto del ZarkAlex Colt: La materia oscura, and Alex Colt: El emperador de Antares, is a saga of adventures starred by a diverse group, and addressed to any audience willing to laugh out loud and enter a completely new and original world.


RELEVANT DATA: Juan Gómez-Jurado is one of the most relevant current Spanish writers, positioned as the best sold author in electronic format. His novels have been published in more than 40 countries and translated into more than 30 languages.

Alex Colt entered the bestseller category immediately after its publication. Critics exalt Gómez-Jurado as “an author that writes to catch the audience”. He is considered an authentic referent of the Spanish literature.

Among the thousands of reviews complimenting the saga, there are some assuring that “Alex Colt is a story for children between 9 and 99 years old”. In fact, some adult fans state that “it is perfect for children too”.


What the critics have said:

“An agile and funny narrative containing references that address a more adult audience that serve as a linking element between parents and children”, RTVE.

“Dynamic, hilarious, simply perfect […]. The characters are lovely and the plots deal with several social topics, such as friendship and acceptance”.

“Gómez-Jurado is always a sure bet”.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: In development for a TV Series format.