The Anatomist (El anatomista) (Film/TV Series)

Women carry between their legs the keys to heaven and hell.

“What every man once dreamed of: the magic key that opens women’s hearts, the secret that governs the mysterious desire of female love…”

Mateo Colon, an anatomist during the Renaissance, falls prey to an obsession. He falls in love with Mona Sofia, an indomitable prostitute and one of the most coveted women of her time for her beauty, her emerald eyes, and her curvy figure. Because of Mona, Mateo embarks on a quest to find some kind of potion that will allow him to win her affection and love. Thus, he will have to face the ultimate challenge, one that has destroyed the greatest of minds: how to make a woman deeply happy.

Mateo begins to explore the mysterious nature of the female universe, conducting experiments with prostitutes and focusing his knowledge on dissecting corpses, a practice forbidden at the time.

A man ahead of his time, Mateo Colón is about to make, in the middle of the 16th century, an extraordinary discovery. While searching for the solution to his misunderstood love, he finds in Inés de Torremolinos the very center of the erotic universe in women. Just as America was for his namesake Christopher Columbus, he discovers a “sweet found land”: the Amor Veneris, known today as the clitoris.

When Mateo Colón makes his discovery public, he must face, apart from academic envy, the ruthless and fearsome power of the Inquisition, determined to burn both him and his work at the stake.


RELEVANT DATA: Based on historical facts, The Anatomist is a massive bestseller translated into some thirty languages in more than 40 countries. It is a sensual and extraordinarily comedic work in which the surprising discovery of a Renaissance anatomist changes the female erotic universe forever. It is winner of the Amalia Lacroze de Fortabat Foundation Award and was a finalist for the prestigious Planeta Award.

Federico Andahazi is a bestselling author considered a true reference of contemporary Latin American literature. His works have sold millions of copies worldwide. Throughout his career, he has been the recipient of numerous awards, including the Planeta Award, the Short Story Award of the Second Biennial of Young Art of Buenos Aires, the Annual Literary Contest “Desde la Gente” Award, and the CAMED Award.


What the critics have said:

“A groundbreaking work of fiction. This is one of those rare books that come along from time to time. It is provocative and has a good research work on the subject at hand.” The New York Times

“History and fiction are masterfully blended by Federico Andahazi, who manages to articulate an excellent novel with narrative intelligence and devastating irony.” Venevisión

“Federico Andahazi has constructed a gripping novel and recreated the Renaissance era not only in its customs but also in its system of thought. The sustained rhythm that the author gives to the story and the impeccable handling of intrigue (without forgetting the humor and irony) make The Anatomist, and its author, a shocking revelation.” Planeta



LANGUAGES AVAILABLE: Spanish, English, Portuguese, Italian, Bulgarian, Arabic, Russian, Dutch, Romanian, Greek, Finnish, Latvian, Turkish, German, Hungarian, Icelandic, Ukranian, Czech, Polish, Serbian, Croatian, Hebrew, Korean, Lithuanian.