The Captain’s Daughters (TV Series)

Three sisters, two worlds, one city.

New York, 1936. The family restaurant “El Capitán” opens in the 14th Street, one of the colonial Spanish settlements of the city. The unexpected death of its owner forces Victoria, Mona and Luz Arenas, his untamable daughters, to take charge of the business.

The Captain’s Daughters unfolds the story of three young Spanish women who saw themselves forced to cross the ocean, who settled in a dazzling city and who fought with courage to find their way. A tribute to women who resist when the wind blows against them, and a tribute to all the people that lived –and still live- the epic adventure of emigration.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: María Dueñas is one of the most important Spanish authors of the literary scene of today, for she is a referent of narrative written in Spanish.

The Captain’s Daughters is a work based in a historical context that is 100% real and, generally, unknown. The story focuses on the figure of those women that were historically eclipsed by the actions of men, and on how they suffered the consequences of uprooting, together with the oppression of a patriarchal system.

Dueñas’ work leads the bestseller lists in Spain, Argentina, Uruguay and Colombia; her books are among the most demanded in book fairs and among the most popular presents for Mother’s Day.

Dueñas has won over millions of readers all over the world. Her works have been published in more than forty countries and have been translated to more than thirty-five languages.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: In development as TV Series.

AVAILABLE LANGUAGES: Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian, Romanian, French, German, Catalan, Norwegian, Hungarian, English.