The Cluefinders Saga (Saga Los Buscapistas)

A collection of 10 children´s books.

Two young detectives willing to give it their all to resolve the most enjoyable mysteries.

Pepa and Maxi met in kindergarten and have been inseparable ever since, despite the fact that they are very different. Maxi is a little more fearful and introverted, while Pepa is brave and extroverted; a classic case of opposites attracting. What they do have in common is that they are both incredibly smart and especially ambitious.  They come across intriguing mysteries that needed to be solved. Therefore, the Cluefinders detective agency is born and the best pair of detectives are put to work.

Each spooky and fun episode comes with a new mystery with an exciting investigation to be solved, where the audience can also play a fundamental role in their adventures.

Maxi and Pepa will find themselves immersed in lots of situations that wreak havoc to those involved, but luckily, they can always count on the help of Bebito, Pepa´s younger brother, who possesses a magical and powerful pacifier; and the masked stranger, who resembles inspector gadget with a long trench coat and a detective hat. Although nobody knows his identity, his timing is truly impeccable as he shows up right when they need him.

By the means of various clues, Maxi and Pepa will have to uncover the secret behind the Vamp family´s castle, a majestic structure that seems to be inhabited by ghosts. They will also discover who is responsible for the theft of the Mona Louisa painting, and they will need to protect Agatha Christie´s last (and super top-secret) manuscript. The Cluefinders will also get to the bottom of two sudden and tragic disappearances: the famous opera singer who is allegedly kidnapped during her concert and the trophy that was meant to be given to the city´s basketball team after their game.

Dozens of clues that will land in the hands of 2 brilliant children who will stop at nothing to solve the hardest and most dangerous mysteries.


RELEVANT DATA: The Cluefinders saga (Saga Los Buscapistas), made up of 10 books, is one of the most acclimated children and young adult collections within Spanish literature.

With more than 100,000 copies sold, and translated into both Turkish and Persian, The Cluefinders saga (Saga Los Buscapistas) is situated within Amazon´s top 10 bestselling children’s books, is the number 1 best seller within the thriller and suspense for kids genre and stands among the top sellers of children’s mystery and detective books.

Thanks to the fact that the readers can be active participants in each new case, the stories encourage young readers to continue reading the saga. The first book in the collection is a required reading in many Spanish schools, and the children usually decide to continue reading the saga on their own.


What the critics have said:

“A very good book to encourage children to read.” Amazon

The Cluefinders saga (Saga Los Buscapistas) counts of various references to other works, like The Phantom of the Opera or Agatha Christie novels. They achieve tension until the very end of the book”. Anikaentrelibros (blog literario).


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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