The Complicated Loves of the Valverde Sisters (Los complicados amores de las hermanas Valverde)

Three sisters and three unexpected love stories.  

Julia is the oldest of the sisters, a young woman of twenty-two, straight, prudent and religious.

At a party he meets Octavio, a nice boy whose company she enjoys.

The dilemma begins when Octavio reveals that he is an atheist, because she had never imagined establishing a relationship with someone who did not share her beliefs.



The second sister, twenty years old, visits a jail of political prisoners for a university project, there she meets Salvador. Both are people of very strong personalities who fall in love against all odds and with the obstacle of the prison of Salvado who does not have high hopes of being released.



The younger sister, a radiant seventeen-year-old, needs a math tutor.

His mother hires Boreas, the neighbor. What starts out as boring math classes becomes a story that is as romantic as it is unexpected for both.


RELEVANT DATA: María Paulina Camejo is the youngest author ever published by Harper Collins. María Paulina was awarded with the #BestSellerWomen Award 2018 for Rising Star as one of the most influential Latino writers in Miami. She has participated in the most relevant international book fairs of the Hispanic world, like FIL Guadalajara and FILBO in Bogotá, where she was invited to talk about her literary career.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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