The Cook of Castamar (La cocinera de Castamar) (TV Series)

She forges her way to the heart of the duke himself.

Spain, 1720. Clara Belmonte is a young woman from a well-off family who, after the death of her father, one of the most prestigious doctors of Madrid, will see herself sunk into absolute poverty. Fallen from grace despite her exquisite education, thanks to her prodigious cooking she manages to get a job at the duchy of Castamar, disrupting, with her arrival, the apathetic world of don Diego, the duke. However, the agoraphobia she is suffering since the death of her father will not be the only obstacle that Clara will face when she arrives to the property of the duke. He, since he lost his wife in an accident, lives isolated in his great mansion, surrounded by the servants. And although at the beginning Clara is not well received by the staff of the house, she will soon stand out thanks to her exquisite education and her cooking abilities, which will even surprise the duke himself.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: Fernando J. Múñez is a Spanish philosopher and filmmaker.  La cocinera de Castamar is his first novel.

He directed the film Las Nornas, shown in the Festival of Alicante and the Seminci of Valladolid.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: Developed into TV Series Format.

AVAILABLE LANGUAGES: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Lithuanian, Lithuanian, Polish, Dutch, German, French, Greek, Bulgarian, Slovak.