The Correspondant (El corresponsal)

He will put his life at risk for the love of the truth.

Miguel Bravo is a young journalist who has always wanted to live a life full of adventure. Then comes his big chance to be sent to Burma, a country as beautiful as it is sad, to cover the Saffron Revolt, led by Buddhist monks.

In a country in the midst of a great political upheaval, Miguel Bravo faces his first assignment as a correspondent with enthusiasm and an unwavering commitment to tell the truth. Along the way he meets a group of international correspondents and immerses himself in their fascinating lives. The rivalries, fears, dreams, lights and shadows within the group are taken to the extreme when the dictatorship represses the protests and confines the reporters to their hotel. There will be those who, like Miguel, risk their lives to tell the stories, or those who take advantage of the terrible human tragedies in order to achieve glory.

Daniel Vinton, a legendary journalist who shows the wounds of past battles, and the enigmatic translator Nann Lay (with whom Miguel will fall deeply in love), will be his allies in the adventure that will lead Miguel to see with his own eyes the death of a comrade, to live the cruelty of a totalitarian regime that will kill as many innocents as necessary to stop the revolution.


RELEVANT DATA: David Jimenez is the author of El Director, one of the most successful Spanish non-fiction books of recent years. He was editor of the newspaper El Mundo and is considered a journalist with global reach and influence. He has worked as a reporter in more than thirty countries, has written and published reports for The Guardian, The Toronto Star, The Sunday Times and Esquire, and has collaborated with CNN and BBC TV channels. He has witnessed conflicts and wars in dozens of countries and says he has never seen anything like what he witnessed in Burma: “For the first time I saw how innocents were massacred by a totalitarian army that is still in power today”.

As a literary author, Jiménez was awarded the “Camino del Cid” International Travel Literature Award.


What the critics have said:

“In The Correspondant (El corresponsal), Jiménez reflects his personal experiences after 20 years as a special envoy in conflict zones in a novel in which there is passion, death, intrigue, envy and journalism, lots of journalism.” The Huffington Post

The Correspondant (El corresponsal) is the swan song of the war reporter, an endangered species. Fiction tries to project the adventures and dangers that besiege these professionals and clean up the romantic visions of the war correspondent.” El Español


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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