David Jiménez

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David Jiménez is a Spanish journalist and writer. He has been a war reporter, a foreign correspondant and director of the leading Spanish newspaper, El Mundo. In 1998 he opened the first news post of the newspaper in Asia, where he covered the biggest events of the región until 2014. After finishing the Nieman Scholarship at Harvard University, he went back to Madrid to be the director of El Mundo, where he was in charge of getting the newspaper out of its crisis and to lead its digital transformation. A year later, he was fired. Jiménez assumed it was because he refused to accept editorial pressures that would have compromised the Independence of the newspaper.  Jiménez was the first newspaper director in Spain that embraced the conscience clause of the Constitution, destined to protect the freedom of the press, when the denounced the president of Unidad Editorial.

Jiménez has written and published articles in The Guardian, The Toronto Star, The Sunday Times and Esquire, and he has collaborated with the TV networks CNN and BBC.



Jiménez was awarded with the Premio Internacional de Literatura de Viajes Camino del Cid. 

Jiménez has been criticized by his colleagues because of his book, The Director. Jiménez has stated that El Director “shows how power has subdued and corrupted the media,” and that “it is a professional immolation, but it would be cowardly not to write it.” According to the author, the complaints of his colleagues only prove how necessary the book really is.