The Happiest Place on Earth (El lugar más feliz del mundo)

An extraordinary trip to the extremes of the human condition.

Through the experience obtained for more than 15 years working as reporter in Asia, David Jiménez lives some of the most disturbing and mediatic historical events in the last decades.

Jiménez takes the audience to different atmospheres, like when he entered a Cambodian prison where some of the most dangerous pederasts live, or the suffering in Japan after the nuclear tragedies of Hiroshima and Fukushima. He will also travel to North Corea, where he will witness how its society worships their leader, and he will live in Afghanistan, in the middle of the bloody war in which Spanish troops took part.

Numerous heartbreaking and frightening adventures starred by Jiménez, in order to bring the Audience a hidden reality, stories to which we turn our backs, but that will remain in the mind of those who get to know them.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: David Jiménez was the director of El Mundo, one of the most important Spanish Newspapers. He has written and published articles for The Guardian, The Toronto Star, The Sunday Times and Esquire, and worked for TV channels like CNN and BBC. Jiménez was awarded with the Premio Internacional de Literatura de Viajes Camino del Cid.

The Happiest Place on Earth is a compilation of chronicles lived by the author himseld during the many years he spent in Asia working as reporter for El Mundo newspaper. The story owns a big TV series potential that will portray the horrible reality of many Asian countries.


This work has been highly acclaimed by the critics, who have estated:

“A wonder from start to finish”, Amazon.

“A work that presents us a series of emotive and shocking stories all throughout Asia, so that the audience gets to know better the world and, specially, human beings”, Goodreads.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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