The coup d’état of Guadalupe Limón (El golpe de estado de Guadalupe Limón)

Can the tenacious enmity between two women trigger the revolution of a nation?

Guadalupe Limón is so cunning that she could bring down the government if she wanted to… and she does. In The Coup of Guadalupe Limón we witness the gestation of a popular uprising and its culmination in a bloody coup d’etat where it is difficult to distinguish the heroes from the puppets, and the epic gestures from the tragicomic ones. At the center of this story of exacerbated romances and conspiracies in the mid 19th century –in a Latin American nation that just broke with the Spanish crown- there are two masterly-drawn female protagonists whose ambitions conquer wills and overthrow governments.

When Guadalupe Limón, a gorgeous young woman known for her liberal ways and the ownership of one of America’s largest fortunes, finds out her biggest enemy, Rosalía (a talented and exotic artist), falls deeply in love with a man, Guadalupe decides to steal him from Rosalía’s arms. Just because she can.

Rosalía, blinded with revenge, marries a powerful man, whom she controls as a puppet, and manages to make him president of the nation. Consequently, Guadalupe organizes a coup d’état to avenge Rosalía’s success. In her attempt, she will meet an attractive young captain full of pure ideals, who seems to be the only man immune to Guadalupe’s charm. This man will play an essential role in Guadalupe’s detailed plan and transformation. She will manage to re-enter the elite’s social events -who had avoided her company due to her liberal ways- divide them, and convince them to follow her in her coup.

But… will she conquer the captain’s pure heart and convince him of leading the Coup, and in the process will she actually fall in love him? She does, and he will risk everything to save Guadalupe from the dangers of Rosalía.


RELEVANT FACTS: In this novel, the great Torrente Ballester approaches, with irony and satire, a story of love and political intrigue about the animosity between two strong and cunning women in an unnamed colonial Latin American state that will end in a popular uprising.

Torrente Ballester demystifies the political myth to show us the mediocrity of all social stages, where the lower passions are mixed with the longings for power. The author spares no one and makes clear that power is always a source of corruption and untied passions.

Gonzalo Torrente Ballester is a key author of Spanish literature. He is one of the most popularly acclaimed and academically studied Spanish authors, dramaturges, and essayist of the 20th century, who belonged to the worldwide known Generation of ’27.

He was awarded with some of the most prestigious awards such as the Cervantes Award, the Prince of Asturias Award for literature, and the Literature National Award.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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